Body Electronics: High Impact Healing

Body Electronics: High Impact Healing

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© Written and compiled by Dr John Whitman Ray N.D., M.D. (M.A.)

from "Patient's Guide to Body Electronics" by Prof. Dr. Sir John Whitman Ray (1994)

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1Natural Vitamin C, in balance with all other natural vitamins, enzymes, minerals and nutrients, is widely required in metabolism. Synthesis of all natural Vitamin C components including natural ascorbic acid takes place in a variety of plants and in all animals except humans, primates, and the guinea pig. Humans require dietary natural Vitamin C for maintenance of health.

2Natural Vitamin C is required to aid in oxidation reduction systems which aid in increasing the rate of metabolism of cholesterol in the blood as well as to strengthen and maintain blood vessels through the synthesis of connective tissue (collagen). Hence the need for Vitamin C in cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease.

3Natural Vitamin C is required for the necessary activity of the immune system. The leukocytes (white blood cells) require natural Vitamin C to aid in the destruction of invading bacteria. This process is known as phagocytosis and is dependent upon natural Vitamin C as one factor in order that effective activity is realized.

4The healing of cuts, abrasions, burns, wounds and fractured bones is accelerated by additional natural Vitamin C. The concentration of Vitamin C in the blood of an injured person drops significantly below normal unless extra natural Vitamin C is administered. Test results indicate that healing rates are lowered by ingesting large amounts of synthetic ascorbic acid.

5Natural Vitamin C along with natural Vitamin E and other anti-oxidants are required to block spontaneous oxidation reactions which create highly chemically reactive and dangerous substances which are called radicals. Free radicals are implicated as a major cause of cancer, cardiovascular disease, aging and DNA damage.

6"Mental awareness", as determined by I.Q. testing, requires a significantly higher amount of Vitamin C in the bloodstream as compared with those who are not "mentally aware". I.Q. is increased somewhat with only the addition of natural Vitamin C to the diet.

7Natural Vitamin C is combined with other nutrients in it's natural state. It has been found that the ingestion of synthetic ascorbic acid which is free from other natural nutrients creates imbalance and additional deficiencies in the body. It is impossible to have a 500 mg. tablet of ascorbic acid on the market without being synthetic or containing synthetics.

8The unhindered distribution of cerobrospinal fluid(see taped information on Body Electronics) is required for maintenance of electrolytes throughout the tissues of the body, thus helping to increase the electric potential of the body's tissues. Collagen is the primary means for this distribution outside of perineural and perivascular pathways. Natural Vitamin C has a specific vital role in collagen synthesis and maintenance.

9Natural Vitamin C helps to increase the electric potential of the tissues of the body thus making it difficult for virus, bacteria and parasites to proliferate, since these can only be maintained in tissue of lowered electric potential. Synthetic ascorbic acid has a drug-like effect on the body where, even though the symptoms may be suppressed, the electric potential of the tissues is lowered in the process, thus weakening the body and paving the way for greater deterioration and accompanying disease.

10Synthetic Vitamin C or ascorbic acid acts on the body like a drug, as it temporarily suppresses the symptoms of disease. It has no value as a natural nutrient to the body and, contrary to public opinion, tests have indicated that it retards true healing. The continual use of synthetic ascorbic acid has its demonstrable effects in suppressing fibre position in the iris of the eye and creating a catarrhal condition observable on the iris fibre structures. This indicates a reversal of true healing and an obstruction to cleansing.

11The healing crisis does not occur with the continued use of synthetic ascorbic acid which has a drug-like effect upon the body because synthetic ascorbic acid suppresses symptomology. A healing crisis is activated by natural Vitamin C in conjunction with colloidal or naturally chelated minerals, food enzymes and other vitamins and nutrients in balance. Alteration of DNA affects the aging of tissues: the accumulation of "age pigment" results in cell and tissue congestion. Nutrients in balance help reverse these and other degenerating processes, helping to place the mind and body in harmony with divine or universal law wherein these processes are reversed and the body returns to its normal and healthy state through what is known as a healing crisis. (See tapes: The Healing Crisis)

12Natural Vitamin C with all its balanced components is required for formation and maintenance of cartilage, teeth and bone. Vitamin C is easily destroyed by cooking, putting emphasis on a need for naturally balanced fresh and raw diets. The need for a natural Vitamin C as opposed to synthetic ascorbic acid had been well established as a necessary adjunct to the overall nutritional program, especially where we are subject to synthetic fertilizers, fungicides, insecticides, herbicides, pesticides and other detrimental pollutants which render our food sources nutrient deficient.