Body Electronics: High Impact Healing

Body Electronics: High Impact Healing

An Important Reminder...!

Disclaimer & Other Ideas

1The writing on these pages is intended for informational purposes only. Nothing on them is intended nor implied to be a substitute for non-corrupted Medical diagnosis, advice or treatment.

It must be understood that Body Electronics and any product or natural produce mentioned on this site, are not 'treatments' for any medical condition. Body Electronics is a self-healing way of life, by which individuals may heal (become more whole) to some degree, by their own volition.

2Although information written by the late Dr. John W. Ray is supplied here, I am not qualified to, nor do I endorse this. It has however, helped me tremendously with my personal healing. Any explanation I give about any aspect of Body Electronics, including nutrition, herbs, nutritional or other products, is from my personal experience and viewpoint only. Any such writing is not a recommendation for any product.

3Whatever has been written or is thought about the Founder of Body Electronics, is irrelevant to the purpose of this site.

There are naysayers and critics for anything and everything in life. When it is all said and done, it is often just a matter of varying viewpoints.

Dr. John W. Ray made the relevant discoveries in relation to Body Electronics and wrote them down, in a potentially comprehendible form.

People and personalities come and go, but fundamental Principles of Body Electronics (that is, Life), remain unchanged. Principles do not care whether people live by them or not; yet they exist and are operating in peoples' lives to either their detriment or, if they choose to understand and live by them, to their benefit.

4Permission to copy and disseminate Dr. John W. Ray's articles supplied on this site, was given by the author at each seminar of his which I attended. I heard him repeat this wish many times, during the six years that I knew him.

5Any links to other sites are provided for information only - unless otherwise stated, they do not constitute endorsements of those other sites, nor recommendations to anything available from those sites.

6If your health is compromised, then you may need non-corrupted Medical support while you search for complementary ways to improve your health, if the latter is your wish.

7If you have been given any medication by a Medical Practitioiner, then only a non-corrupted Medical Practitioiner should be consulted in regard to whether that medication is continued or gradually reduced. Please do not self-medicate or change any medical regime you are on, unless such a change has been approved by a non-corrupted Medical Practitioner. You have every right to seek at least a second Medical opinion regarding this.

8Be a good consumer and critically assess for your own purpose of regaining health, any healing process presented to you. Learn about it well and base your choices on a good degree of 'common sense' as well as experience of practitioners, participants and others.

9There are some physical contra-indications to Body Electronics that need to be taken into account before you involve yourself in it. It is therefore vitally important that a Body Electronics Practitioner be consulted before any Body Electronics is started. Indeed, it might not be an appropriate method for you at all. See Overview page.

10 The science behind Body Electronics is currently a mixture of knowledge gained through bona fide medical, naturopathic and biological research (e.g. nutrition, epigenetics, quantum physics), discoveries made by Dr John W Ray during his naturopathic career, observations supported by scientific hypotheses (e.g. morphogenic reasonance), and understanding gained repeatedly by participants' first hand experience.

Some aspects of Body Electronics may not be provable in the scientific sense, at the present time. Some people are sometimes never satisfied with any proof anyhow. It is therefore left up to individuals to prove the efficacy of Body Electronics to themselves via the experience of the process itself.

Also, because Body Electronics is not a treatment done by a practitioner to participants and, because participants are those who actively live the process, efficacy depends to a large degree upon individuals' comprehension, preparedness and ability to accept responsibility.

This statement by no means diminishes Body Electronics practitioners' of their responsibilities in assisting participants to apply the necessary principles and offer guidance.

This means therefore, that Body Electronics is more an 'art' rather than a 'science'.

11 Body Electronics is a serious business of self-healing on all levels of being. It can be very powerful and can lead to profound healing. But it is no 'party-trick' nor a 'quick-fix'. It can be applied badly if you don't understand the process.

As the founder of Body Electronics Dr. John W Ray often said:

"A little knowledge can be a very dangerous thing." and...

"Fools rush in where angels fear to tread."

So please explore Body Electronics diligently and properly, and be patient about results.

If you learn about nothing else, learn about the necessity of experiencing healing crises. This is vital information for Body Electronics that most other health professions have ignored and refuse to acknowledge, understand or assess. Often other health professionals assess healing crises as disease crises, thus unwittingly putting their clients at risk.

12Fanaticism, dogma and over-reactive, irrational, delusional, erroneous or cultish beliefs or behaviours have no place with Body Electronics. On the other hand, a healthy passion for assisting oneself and others within a group situation, may be beneficial.

A rational viewpoint and mental attitude must be maintained at all times.


The use of one's intuition and imagination in my opinion, must be disciplined to maintain integrity of the Body Electronics program.

Always keep your awareness grounded in the 'here and now' and maintain security for your immediate and long-term needs. Coming from such stability will help you gain wisdom through proper learning and experience of this healing process.

14For health protective reasons: Once the Body Electronics program including pointholding has commenced, if the decision to stop Body Electronics is made, the taking of the most important nutritional supplements (especially enzymes) must be continued; this is applicable regardless of any opinion, including those of professionals from other disciplines. For further explanation of this please see my "Open Letter...".

There may one or two particular exceptions to this rule, but these do not include discontinuation of enzymes.

15In practice, some Healing Principles used in Body Electronics might appear to oppose those of the Medical Model or other Natural Therapy Models. Medical Professionals and most Natural Therapists have had no reason to have been taught these, nor to recognize any differences between models.

Medical Professionals work to keep people alive and relatively safe, which is very important. In times of major physical trauma there is no better profession to consult.

Any conflict which may arise as the result of assumptions made or misunderstandings by any viewer, of the Principles of Body Electronics is only a conflict of viewpoints. This I believe, can be overcome by patience and understanding by all concerned.

In my opinion, it may be difficult to thoroughly assess the efficacy of any one method, with its own frame of reference, by using assessment tools from an outside frame of reference.

Let us not fight World War VI over this, but together, meet the challenge of understanding. Please see my "Open Letter..." regarding this point also.

I have no wish to scare anyone off, but the above is dictated by "reality". So if you're still game, please continue...

John Robert