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Body Electronics: Application of Principles

Application of Principles

An Illustration of a
Body Electronics Pointholding Session

© Written by John Robert

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The Laws of Nature are final. They are either obeyed by people, or not. If not, then we get what we've always had. When we do obey them, we make peace with our bodies and our world. This opens the door to healing.

Here's a little story:

Once upon a time when you (just imagine!) were just a kid of 4 years old, you and your Mum were going up some steps... shopping. You were all happy because it was your birthday and everyone was being so nice to you and giving you all sorts of attention. And Mum was about to buy you some new clothes. You'd really been looking forward to this!

You were so enthusiastic that you ran up the steps before your Mum could slow you down. You slipped over and banged your hip really hard on the bottom step. Obviously, you screamed like 'blue murder'. Your Mum did everything possible, although histerical herself... Anyhow, you ended up in hospital having fractured your hip and upper leg bones. The doctors did their best to help them mend but from then on, you always walked with a funny gait - a bit 'sideways'.

All the way through school the other kids gave you a hard time about your walk. They teased you because you were never much good at sports. You always took the elevator rather than the stairs. And dancing? Not so good. So much for the great social adolescence!

Even though your parents had told you what had happened, you had no memory of the incident. And for some strange reason, you never liked anything to do with birthdays. Every time yours came around, you found it quite depressing. No body could understand this but that's the way it was.

Present time: somehow you came across Body Electronics, found a practitioner, joined a seminar, read all the books and commenced the program. Now after a couple of months regular pointholding, you're on the table having your points held again. Nothing much happens for a while except your point holders are feeling a lot of 'burning' from the points (which is normal).

But then... you get a feeling, a vague memory perhaps... and you start smelling pies. Pies?...

Instantly your memory takes you to a pie shop. Mum's there. You are eating strawberry pie. Very young. Happy. Then suddenly, your crying... you see people in white - bright lights - corridors - activity all around. You're in hospital! The clean smells, etc. People poking and prodding and asking you things; pretending everything's going fine. Plaster all around your middle - discomfort, itching. Being wheeled around on a bed. Lots of vivid memories in the 'now'.

Your hip's starting to hurt now. Tingling, burning, throbbing. You keep your body still, on the pointholding table. Riding in the ambulance. You feel the motion of the vehicle and hear the traffic outside. Mum's still there, crying. Now you have an awful feeling... of dread. You're gently crying now, and - steps! Ouch! Your hip goes: pop! and moves a bit on its own. Tears are flowing, you feel silly, blaming yourself. You give in to it, understanding begins to creep in.

"I hate steps"... Someone gently says: "intensify that", and you do. You apply the principles of the emotional and mental bodies to this word pattern, "I hate steps"... You take it all the way until: "I love steps" comes into your awareness. Now an awakening... You're giggling, now laughing - uncontrollable laughter! "I hate/love steps". You relax a bit and let both word patterns go. You're more content now, but still have a huge grin on your face...

In terms of bodily regeneration and personal growth, you discover after this session, that your walking is easier; about 40% better. Your foot actually points forward now! You find that you really don't mind going up steps any more, and you start to enjoy birthdays again!

In subsequent point-holding sessions you discover that the pie shop was just next door to the shop that had the steps, and you and your Mum had stopped there for lunch, in preparation for the shopping spree. Well, well. Fancy that!

As illustrated in this story, memories from the individual's point of view of such incidents, return with the application of Body Electronics. This is the result of the combination of nutrient saturation and pointholding.

Traumatic memories which prior to this, had been suppressed below the level of consciousness and hence had become 'crystallized' into the form of damaged or non-functioning cells of the body, now start 'dissolving' from the physical level to be brought to awareness.

By applying of the Principles of Love, Light and Perfection, the perceived trauma is transmuted on the emotional and mental levels, bringing about a subsequent transmutation of elements (regeneration) on the physical level.

On the mental level, the newly discovered "dualities" (for example "I hate steps... I love steps") from within such trauma can then be encompassed. The memory can thus be viewed, understood and released so that it is no longer a part of the problems of living. Once this occurs, and the person maintains the principles in their life which is easy to do, permanent healing is the result.

Again, this is a gradual learning process. We all have some principles by which we live and this is just an extension of those.

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