Body Electronics: High Impact Healing

"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate."

- Carl Jung

Body Electronics: High Impact Healing


A Brief Overview

© Written by John Robert

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This page contains the following topics/links:

It has been customary in B.E. to supply the introductory information in a three weekend seminar series. This introduced some often challenging concepts, in a safe environment where all questions were debated and answered.

At this time (2021) to my knowledge, there are no actively consulting B.E. Practitioners in Australia. If anyone knows differently, please let me know.

Currently based on the Gold Coast, I am seeking to take part in Body Electronics pointholding as much as I can.

I am willing to share all the information I have and my experience of Body Electronics with others and form a self-healing group, even if that is a group of two.

Any voluntary contributions to the BodyMind Healing Foundation, will be gratefully received.

Body Electronics: High Impact  Healing

What Body Electronics is:

Body Electronics is a natural self-healing method. It is based on the application of life principles which enable radical bodily regeneration.

It may be better described as an 'art' rather than a science because results are mainly dependent on one's understanding and application of the process.

Regeneration occurs via a 'powerful process of self-realisation'. Consciousness change/expansion is paramount.

Body Electronics is a way of life, NOT a "treatment" nor a "therapy" for any medical or health condition.

Specifically, it comprises a highly nutritious habitual diet and a unique style of accupressure pointholding. A condition of nutrient saturation is maintained for pointholding.

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Body Electronics: High Impact  Healing

What Body Electronics does:

Body Electronics gradually dismantles the reactivity of the human mind with its associated thought patterns, behaviours and physical symptoms.

What emerges from beneath this pile of human 'baggage' is the perfection of who the person really is; a self-actualized human being, as described by Psychologist Abraham Maslow. This applies to all levels:

Physically, the body repairs itself to the perfection it once was prior to injury or illness. Every cell in the body gradually becomes properly oxygenated, allowing function to return. Mobility and ability improves markedly; physical problems become conspicuous for their absence. In cases of genetically inherited problems, these are progressively reduced and the person becomes able to live more freely than before.

Beyond this, regeneration might eventually be better than before injury or illness.

This is the ideal senario; regeneration may occur gradually or in minor stages.

Emotionally, the person becomes more stable in temperament and experiences joy and happiness more in their life.

Mentally, unconscious (but active) beliefs are encompassed together with newly uncovered personal truths (each opposite) which determines free choice and a positive, peaceful outlook.

Spiritually, control over mind and body is gradually gained, so that the individual can fulfill their goals and responsibilities in life more easily. Deeper understanding of oneself and consideration for others also grows.

The above is theory. I have seen this in practice with many, many people including my own case, to a greater or lesser degree.

There are no guarantees whatsoever, for any healing at all. As stated above, Body Electronics is not a "treatment", but a gradual self-healing and self-realising process. Responsibility is in the hands of each participant. It is therefore only for those who can gradually accept that responsibility.

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Body Electronics: High Impact Healing

When not to do Body Electronics (contra-indications):

  • During attempting pregnancy, pregnancy or breastfeeding
  • Any time after organ transplant
  • When a cardiac pacemaker is in use
  • If using any drug for recreational purposes (including alcohol)
  • If dependent on constitutional homeopathics for life
  • During some forms of severe mental illness
  • Heavy metal toxicity or sensitivity problems - often these are related to occupational, dental, vaccination or food exposure; best attended to prior to application of Body Electronics
  • When there is no willingness to continue taking the most important nutritional supplements (especially enzymes) until the pancreas has regenerated fully.
  • With Anti-social personalities and/or when there is refusal to accept responsibility for health or any problems in life.
  • Caution: if there is a susceptibility of individuals to an iron overload, arrangements may be made to avert the problem.

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Body Electronics Overview

Body Electronics Health Assessment

Firstly, as with most health assessments, the client is requested to answer a questionaire about their current health and health history.

Dr. John Ray also founded through his own discoveries, "Iris-Sclera Integrated Diagnosis". This whole-eye examination forms the backbone of the Body Electronics health assessment and lays the foundation for the nutritional program and Body Electronics pointholding.

It is the custom in Body Electronics for clients to obtain a series of photographs of their eyes: iris and sclera, for two reasons:

  1. To make it easier on both the practitioner and the client - try having someone look closely in your eyes for over an hour!
  2. These photos also serve as a record to compare with another series taken 2 or more years later. As you will find with Body Electronics, eyes can change colour unpredictably but consistently towards clarity, as the health of the individual improves.

In 1998 I put together a camera to take these pictures. You can view a typical series of eye photographs here.

From this eye analysis, two 'charts' are created:

  1. A suggested Nutritional Program and,
  2. Body Electronics Flow Sheet: an individualized, prioritized sequence of Body Electronics 'points' to be held. See a blank Flow Sheet here.

It is then the responsibility of the individual, to gain understanding of the Body Electronics process by attending seminars, reading recommended books and becoming involved in a pointholding group.

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Body Electronics: High Impact  Healing

Nutrition and the Nutrient Saturation Program

Some information from Dr. Ray's "Patient Guide to Body Electronics" is supplied on this site. It provides a good base of nutritional information and is required reading for people involved.

Since Dr. Ray's death in 2001, the 'program' has been subtly updated, according to later research and new understanding of bodily demands when involved in Body Electronics.

The nutritional program basically includes:

  • Fresh and Raw, organically produced diet - as close to this as possible is the general rule. This includes some animal products as tolerated/required and, a broad, delicious range of vegetables, sprouted legumes, soaked (germinated) nuts and seeds, freshly fermented foods, yummy fresh fruits, etc.
  • Daily 'mature green pawpaw'/kiwifruit smoothy, as available
  • Food enzymes, lymphatic enzymes as required
  • Crystalloid or chelated, colloidal minerals
  • Flax seed oil and/or fish oils
  • Probiotics - Grainfields B.E. liquid etc.
  • Raw protein foods
  • Schweitzer Formula
  • Vitamin B's
  • Stabilised Oxygen
  • Herbal preparations and other solutions as necessary.

An important point to grasp is this: because of the depleted nutritional state of most people's bodies over long periods of time, dietary food supplementation is imperative.

When involved intensely in Body Electronics, this need can double at least. The body must remain nutritionally protected.

Dr. Ray sourced the most beneficial food supplements from around the world for this program. There is now a formidable team of expert nutritionists who are also Body Electronics instructors and, maintain the up-to-date sourcing of the best supplementary foods available.

Another major issue: toxicity. There are several things we need to avoid occupationally, i.e. most of the time. For example, silver amalgam tooth fillings, root canals, etc., need to be carefully researched. If you are in doubt and require more information about this, see Dr. Ray's 12 points on Mercury Toxicity, consult an holistic dentist and search the internet for answers. Also check my detox and links pages.

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Body Electronics: High Impact  Healing

Body Electronics 'Pointholding' Sessions

From the health assessment, the practitioner prioritizes the sequence of points on the body to be held.

The reason for the priority is to protect the body by allowing it to heal in the right order. This is serious business, not to be taken lightly or 'experimented' with.

These points are accupressure points, reflexology points and many special points which are pertinent to Body Electronics only.

During pointholding sessions, individuals have the opportunity to apply the principles of healing to the physical, emotional and mental levels of experience.

As pointholders and pointholdees, we learn how to apply 'Love' and 'Forgiveness', in a very practical way.

Both the holding of points on a person and having points held on oneself, is a skill and an art. But this is something that must be taught in a seminar.

Pointholding sessions can be arduous in the sense that they are time-consuming. But it can be a very meditative time. Every session is different and each one holds another key to self-learning.

For me, this is one of the most constructive things I have ever been involved in.

An illustration of a Body Electronics pointholding session can be read here.

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Body Electronics: High Impact  Healing

Cranial Electronics

This is what Dr. Ray used to call the "Crowning Glory" of his life's work.

Cranial Electronics is an extension of Body Electronics in that the points which are used are situated on the head (cranium).

These points are very useful because once held, begin to unlock the cranial joints. The purpose of this is to allow the bones of the skull to find their own perfect shape and position, freeing the creativity in the life of the individual.

These are very specialized points that are used by experienced Body Electronics people only. An instructor should be present for safety, when these are being held.

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Body Electronics: High Impact  Healing

Body Electronics Relative to Other Therapies:

As stated on the homepage, Body Electronics is very different from the vast majority of other therapeutic methods existing today. In my opinion, with the partial exception of Biofeedback Emotional Clearing, nothing comes closer to offering a pathway to self-discovery of truth, with regard to each level of experience in life.

This chart visually represents the major differences between Body Electronics, and most orthodox and non-orthodox therapeutics available.

Please also see my Open Letter to Health Professionals, Relatives and Friends of Body Electronics Participants for more understanding.

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