Body Electronics: High Impact Healing

Body Electronics: High Impact Healing

An Open Letter...

To Health Professionals,
Relatives and Friends of
Body Electronics Participants

© from John Robert

[If you are a B.E. participant and require explanation about your taking of nutrition supplements and what may occur during healing, to show your family, friends and/or health professionals, print this page for them to read - Print Version Print Version of This Page]

To whom it may concern,

My purpose in writing to you is to support the Body Electronics Participant in their choice, involvement and healing journey with Body Electronics. I hope this information helps by supporting you to some degree as well.

This letter is also an attempt to dissipate any potential professional or personal, role or ethics conflicts regarding the participation of your relative, friend or client with Body Electronics. Its purpose is also to educate.

I say the following with reverence to all people and professions concerned, and with the understanding that each person involved, offers well-intended care and support to the Body Electronics participant. I also believe that we all, as individuals are performing our roles as best we can, according to our interests, perceptions and abilities.

My aim is to clarify, not complicate. Some concepts that may be new to you may also be somewhat challenging. If there is anything I say here that you wish to either have clarified or, would like to constructively comment on, please email me from my site so I can help and, perhaps rewrite that part of the letter to clarify it for others. I have also included reference and further reading links, for more thorough investigation.

Please study this letter carefully. The contents include:

  1. Brief explanation of Body Electronics.
  2. Participants' rights and responsibilities.
  3. Starting Body Electronics related to medications.
  4. Introduction to Nature Cure and the healing crisis.
  5. Body Electronics healing crises.
  6. Enjoying the healing crises.
  7. Comparing healing methods in terms of body balance.
  8. A potential problem: Western Medicine or Naturopathy meets Body Electronics.
  9. Problem avoided: a suggested approach.
  10. The need for continuing nutritional supplementation.
  11. Mineral supplementation after cessation of Body Electronics.
  12. The need for education regarding Body Electronics concepts.
  13. Summary and conclusion.
  14. References & Further Reading

1Brief Explanation of Body Electronics

The first goal of Body Electronics is to help people help themselves to become more healthy in both mind and body, by living in tune with natural law and maintaining a zest for life. Body Electronics enables a level of improvement of health, beyond that which is generally considered normal.

Body Electronics is a natural healing method comprising an individualised program of nutrient saturation of the body and, a unique style of sustained accupressure pointholding. These, combined with the comprehensive clearing of past trauma on the emotional and mental levels, may produce gradual, radical bodily regeneration (tissue reconstruction) and clearer thinking ability. The main health assessment tool is 'Iris-Sclera Integrated Diagnosis'.

The process allows access to, and gradual healing of the reactive part of the subconscious mind, via the body; bodily regeneration is the concurrent result. This dual effect on mind and body, may produce major positive changes for people, so they become able to live more peacefully, successfully and productively.

The founder of Body Electronics and Iris-Sclera Integrated Diagnosis was the late Prof. Dr. Sir John Whitman Ray. For more complete explanation of Body Electronics, please read the material at and other websites from the links page.

Please note: There are important contra-indications that must be taken into account before any decision to do Body Electronics is made. Please see my overview page for the contra-indications list.

2Participants' Rights and Responsibilities

As a nursing student many years ago, I learned the expression: "Client Centred Care", which was taught as the most important professional approach. One definition for this is:

"An approach in which clients are viewed as whole persons;..." "...Client centred care involves advocacy, empowerment, and respecting the client's autonomy, voice, self-determination, and participation in decision-making." (Registered Nurses Association of Ontario 2002/2006 p.12

- updated version 2015 referenced below.. remains similar but seems to include what I consider to be 'corporate- and accademia-speak' so I kept to older defintion here; the updated version is referenced below)

In Body Electronics a parallel approach is recommended; participants of Body Electronics are the decision makers for their own direction. It is their enthusiasm for learning the skills of Body Electronics and applying them, which supplies the impetus for their healing. In most instances, those who are not interested in learning, cannot be helped. This encourages responsibility-taking and interdependence within the framework of a people-helping-people community.

Participants take as much of this responsibility as they are able. As their understanding and health gradually improves, they become more responsible and have the capacity for greater understanding. Body Electronics is after all, a self-healing, personal growth lifestyle.

It goes almost without saying however, that a responsible practitioner offers honest practical guidance and information throughout the participants' healing journey. Participants' understanding depends not only upon their willingness to learn, but also the practitioner's knowledge and teaching skill. So it may be seen that both practitioner and participants are on parallel journeys of experiential learning.

Care must be taken by all significant people in the participants' lives including professionals, not to undermine nor to invalidate participants' decisions. This includes the choice of involvement with Body Electronics.

In the case of children or adolescents, parental guidance plays it's normal role, so that the parents assume that part of responsibility that their children, at their stage of development, are unable to accept. Ideally, decision making in this instance is shared proportionately and, respected by professionals.

From a practical view, the participant may still need support of family and friends, in order to do what it takes to be involved with Body Electronics. As is often the case, a community or team approach can work wonders.

To this end, it is the participant's responsibility to appropriately inform and reassure those around them, of what may occur during their healing journey with Body Electronics. This letter may allow this to be done more easily.

3Starting Body Electronics Related to Medications

People with any sort of illness or disability, may require help in the short-term and long-term.

In the short-term, they need to be kept safe, at a level of function which enables self-care or assisted self-care and, maintenance of livelihood if possible.

In the long-term they may want to improve their health using Body Electronics, which allows the possibility of gradual reduction and hopefully vanishment, of the original illness or disability.

While on this healing journey, a level of function is still highly necessary. Therefore, upon starting the Body Electronics program, people may still require medication for their health maintenance.

Some participants of Body Electronics might take it upon themselves to give up their medication. This is definitely not recommended unless the original medical order was to take their medication "only when necessary". Therefore it is advisable for those on medication, to be assessed by a medical practitioner for such a reduction to occur safely.

With Body Electronics, there is no way to tell how long healing may take, so the medication may be necessary for even quite a while longer. Everyone is different in this regard. With some, it can be surprisingly quick, but there is no way to predict this. It depends on the health problems concerned and many individual variables.

A medication may postpone healing of a health problem, to some degree. This is because the action of synthetic or animal derived medications upon the body as a whole, may be suppressive. I explain this later. In general however, I think that this would be a small price to pay for predictable safety of the participant.

All going well however, as symptoms diminish as a result of Body Electronics, medication dose may be gradually reduced by the medical practitioner.

A gentle word of warning: a person may already be doing Body Electronics when they consult a health professional. Newly prescribed medications (even herbal ones) at this stage, may be detrimental to their healing.

A medication may also impinge upon the body's ability to heal at all by directly antagonising the Body Electronics nutritional program. For instance (and this will vary from one person to the next), my mother had problems with diuretic antihypertensive medications which drained all minerals from her system in just a couple of days.. she was hospitalised twice for two different medications.

I expand on this from another view, later in this letter.

4Introduction to Nature Cure and the Healing Crisis

Body Electronics is a major extention of Nature Cure (also called Natural Hygiene). The philosophy of Nature Cure formed the basis of modern naturopathy from the late 1800's and early 1900's.

Nature Cure denotes the use of therapeutic inteventions which are available in nature, and do not suppress body physiology in any way. For example: cessation of suppressive lifestyle habits; fresh air, sunshine and exercise; eating fresh and raw food in season; hydrotherapy (using cold, warm or hot water therapeutically); most herbal and homeopathic remedies. Further reading: the book by Henry Lindlahr, M.D., and another by Herbert M Shelton, both classics.

With non-suppressive remedies, the body begins to cleanse itself of toxic materials that have built up over time. These may be foreign to the body, like pollutants, or metabolic wastes that have remained as a result of poor circulation, for example. This cleansing is a "healing crisis".

With continual application of nature cure principles, the healing process follows Hering's Law of Cure. Dr. Hering was a physician and homeopath, who made many discoveries upon which homeopathy is now based. His Law of Cure, which is relevant to all nature cure methods, states in summary that:

all healing starts from within out, from the head down, from more vital to less vital organs and in reverse chronological order as the symptoms first appeared.

This can help understand, what may be expected for people involved in nature cure methods. Participants' symptoms of earlier problems, return to a relatively subtle degree, in order for the body to heal properly.

5Body Electronics Healing Crises

With the Body Electronics program, there are many more high quality, non-suppressive nutrients used, than with most other supplemented dietry programs. These work together synergistically to have a strong cleansing effect, when participants first begin. Participants are educated about this ahead of time, so they know what to expect and are prepared. Some may choose to start the program more gradually.

Symptoms of healing crises vary markedly from person to person. These may initially include nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea with associated aches and pains thoughout the body. Any way the body has available to it, to most efficiently eliminate the toxins within, will be utilized by it. Sometimes the body will reject aberant tissue from the gut, using whichever 'exit' is closest. The body may also produce sores or rashes on the skin, which pass as mysteriously as they appear.

There are so many individual variables, it is difficult to predict this process. The above symptoms may not occur all at once, or even much at all. For example, I have been on the program for some years and never vomited... I had all the other symptoms but, not always all at once.

If the participant has a history of alcohol or drug abuse, there could be some sensations which return to be re-experienced as these toxic substances are finally removed. Hence the need for good support! Feelings of emotional discomfort may come and go (e.g. apathy, grief, fear, anger, pain) as the layers of residual drugs are gradually reduced from body tissues. Normally, such re-experiencing occurs much faster than the original drug taking episodes.

With Body Electronics, the main healing crises take place during the pointholding sessions, in a controlled and safe environment, amongst supportive peers and, with at least an experienced facilitator present. In some instances however, emotions or odd aches and pains could arise at other times. The participant learns how to handle these, with love, patience and good humour.

An important principle to observe with healing crises, is:

What gets a person into a healing crisis, gets them out of it... and:

The way out of a healing crisis is the way through it.

During a major healing crisis, it might appear to onlookers and health professionals, as though the participant's condition is deteriorating. The reverse however, is normally true. This is because Hering's Law of Cure explained above, is operating freely. The body can cleanse itself of toxins together with any associated toxic thoughts, feelings and beliefs, so the illness can gradually be healed.

It may be seen that symptoms from long ago illnesses return to some degree, as the next appropriate 'layer of the onion' is revealed to be healed. Even blood tests may support the symptomatic findings in these instances. Therefore, care must be taken by health professionals, not to react until all the facts of the case are known (see below).

In some infrequent cases, other factors can enter in, which are unrelated to that particular healing crisis. A qualified Body Electronics practitioner is trained to assess the difference between a healing crisis and a 'disease crisis'. If there is any doubt, a Body Electronics practitioner must be consulted first to determine this.

Please see also Dr. John Ray's precise explanation of the healing crisis in his "12 Points on Body Electronics; Introduction for Beginners".

6Enjoying the Healing Crises

As a participant of Body Electronics, one learns the overriding principle of accepting and enthusiastically 'loving' the discomfort of healing crises, with the understanding that: "This too, shall pass".

If discomfort or pain of a healing crisis ever becomes too much for a participant to bare, there are simple ways to take the edge off this. For example, lots of TLC (tender loving care) and empathy, good humour, a cooked meal or two. The choice might also be made to "double up" on the nutritional program, in order to get through it as efficiently as possible; the latter does take a bit of courage :-)

Funny thing about loving or enjoyment of discomfort during healing crises: the more a person 'loves' a discomfort, the more comfortable they become with it. They make it "OK" to be uncomfortable. In this way, the discomfort is gradually transmuted and ideally, may simply vanish. This is one use of the Law of Love.

7Comparing Healing Methods in Terms of Body Balance

What is body balance? Let's begin with homeostasis.

My old medical & nursing dictionary states that homeostasis is "a relative constancy in the internal environment of the body, naturally maintained by adaptive responses that promote healthy survival..."(C.V. Mosby Co. 1986) This in part, describes balance in regard to the physical body.

Homeostasis can be taken further and in more subtle yet profound ways by natural therapists. Such therapists use their many skills to help fine-tune peoples' homeostasis, to bring about a balance of energy and function between organs and the different biological systems of the body. This also includes balancing of emotional and mental faculties in relation to the body. One reason why these faculties are included is because it is known that these influence the body's function.

Balancing therapies help people come to a more perfect 'homeostasis'. For example, massage not only helps to relax the body, but has a calming, meditative effect on the emotions. This in turn reduces the stress response and frees peoples' energy for more productive activity. Stability returns.

Balance therefore, could be described as a state of dynamic stability and equality of function between the body, mind and spiritual aspects of personal experience. It can be attained by a large variety of healing methods. When a person is in balance, they feel very good.

Most natural therapists for example, accupuncturists, kinesiologists, homeopaths*1, etc., are experts at balancing. From a Body Electronics perspective, balancing is important for everyday living; however, there is more to health than balancing.

While balancing makes people feel good and function better relative to how they may have been previously, it may also unknowingly mask a potential for tissue regeneration. As Dr. John Ray used to say: Balancing may produce a situation of "...feeling good, but dying slowly". Tissue regeneration however, may take people a lot further with their health than balancing alone.

With Body Electronics it is found that there are many levels of balance, corresponding with higher or lower levels of cellular function. That is, people can be in or out of balance at different levels of function.

Balancing is a subtle adjustment. It improves body function within the level of balance at which people find themselves.

Tissue regeneration is a gross adjustment whereby original function may be restored. This necessitates the taking of people out of their level of balance (or non-balance) through their own volition, propelling themselves to much higher levels of balance. This regenerates the physical body structure, so that proper function naturally follows.

In general, balance can be tested with any style of kinesiology testing. These test the strength of certain muscles in response to question, food samples or anatomical contact. With Body Electronics, a preferred method of this is done using food and nutritional supplement samples 'double blind', so neither practitioner nor client knows the sample being tested, until the testing is done.

Body Electronics uses only those supplements in the nutritional program which muscle-test strongly for individuals. That is, they promote the 'upscale' movement to higher levels of body balance. This necessitates the use of exceptionally high quality supplements, which may not be generally preferred by natural therapists or medicos. Many other supplements may take the participant 'downscale', thus preventing proper healing crises.

It has been suggested that there are three main groups of healing methods in the world today:

  1. Suppressive therapies, e.g. chemical, surgical, radiation and electroshock treatments
  2. Balancing therapies, e.g. Naturopathy, Traditional Cultural and Kinesiological disciplines
  3. Reconstructive therapies,*2 e.g. Body Electronics

These three groups alter the level of balance of the bodymind differently via their individual methods. Corresponding to these groups, the following describe in hugely general terms, how they do this:

  1. Some medical approaches (e.g. chemical, surgical or radiation treatments) help people heal, by creating a lower level of balance in the body, alleviating symptoms by suppression - very necessary in life-threatening situations.
  2. Most natural therapies help people heal by positively balancing the bodymind, bringing about a cessation of symptoms. Balancing techniques and products used are generally subtle and gently applied, though they can be powerful over a period of time.
  3. Body Electronics, one of only a couple of reconstructive therapies known to myself, takes participants out of their level of balance or non-balance, by raising both their awareness and the electrical potential of their body cells, via the healing crisis. This dissolves cellular memory*3 of the once suppressed trauma, and takes people to much higher levels of balance. This means, that the new state of balance occurs at a much higher level of cell/body function. The concurrent breaking of long-term patterns of thought, together with physical regeneration, also creates long-term resistance to disease.

I believe that each of these approaches have important roles to play and, that there is potential for these groups to work side by side, aware of the benefits of each other. This could form a more integrated multi-disciplinary approach to health. Individuals may then choose more wisely, which method best suits their needs at any given time.

*1 Homeopathy balances, and it also adheres to nature cure philosophy. The action of Body Electronics is entirely different to homeopathy. This is not an evaluation of therapies.

*2 The word 'regenerate' or 'regenerative' has proved to be confusing in similar explanations. It is often used in explanations of balancing therapies. I have used the term 'reconstructive' to differentiate between regenerative therapies like Body Electronics and balancing therapies like accupuncture. Balancing therapies sometimes bring about a level of regeneration over time. Reconstructive regeneration denotes the manifestation of new or renewed tissue structure and consequent return of function.

*3 Cellular memory is a term used in some healing disciplines, to describe the memory of past personal or inhereted trauma at the cellular level. This memory and the inherent negative beliefs within it, were once crystallized into physical form by suppression. This is considered by many, to be at least a part of the 'cause' of illness or disability. Body Electronics appears to experientially prove this hypothesis from participants' viewpoints, repeatedly.

8A Potential Problem

Here's how a problem might arise - consider this senario:

A Body Electronics participant goes into a healing crisis and seemingly becomes ill (to onlookers). Well-meaning family members or friends demand that the person seeks medical or naturopathic help. Their persistance wares the participant down, and to appease their loved-ones an appointment is made by the participant.

The health professional, not understanding the principles of Body Electronics has understandably no idea, how else to assess this person other than in the way they have always practiced. An 'illness' or a 'worsening' of the person's condition is therefore diagnosed by a medical practitioner. In the case where a natural therapist is consulted, let's say a major 'imbalance' is recorded.

Both professionals might then insist that the participant stop taking whatever nutritional supplements they were on, and start taking their advice - an entirely normal action. This advice might probably involve medical or naturopathic suppression or balancing out of symptoms, to a greater or lesser degree.

In this case therefore, it becomes possible that a medical practitioner or natural therapist, by practicing what is right and true for their professions, can unwittingly deprive their patient of healing, thus turning the healing crisis into a disease crisis.

This may determine an outcome which is equally or more devistating than the original illness - due to the original illness being allowed to continue at the level of 'crisis', unchecked by the high nutritional intake and, the interrupted healing crisis.

The action of stopping the Body Electronics Nutritional Program can range from very dangerous to at least very unwise, depending on the medical and health history of the participant.

9Problem Avoided: A Suggested Approach

From section 7 above regarding body balance, it can be seen that between either western medicine or natural therapy and, Body Electronics, there is potential for conflicting disciplinary ethics.

For example with western medicine, treatments are usually suppressive on the body, which directly opposes the action of Body Electronics. The balancing methods of natural therapies, can disrupt the work of Body Electronics equally, though perhaps not as severely as western medicine.

When concern about the participant's condition first arises, whether by the participant, family members, friends or professionals, the first assessment to be made is:

"Do the participant's signs or symptoms, indicate a healing crisis or a disease crisis?"

If anyone is in doubt about this, then the first person to consult would be the Body Electronics Practitioner.

This assessment will determine what is occurring for the participant. In a major healing crisis, there are three specific signs that together, will confirm that a healing crisis is in progress.

These cannot be described here. They are taught to and experienced first hand by participants at the seminars. Body Electronics practitioners therefore, normally have a good grounding in this.

Once the assessment determines that a healing crisis only is occurring, then there is nothing in particular that the participant need do by way of changing their course of action (except to really enjoy the experience). If however, the participant has been assessed as having a disease crisis, then the referral would more than likely be, to the participant's medical practitioner. The latter I believe, would be a fairly rare occurance.

10The Need for Continuing Nutritional Supplementation

In most participants (except those who are in early stages of regeneration from spinal cord injury), Body Electronics begins by cleansing the gut and then regenerating the endocrine (glandular) system. The order in which the glands are healed is from the bottom upwards. That is, the gonads (ovaries or testes) are the first to regenerate. Once working properly, gonads produce and secrete more oestrogens (type of hormone) into the blood.

One unfortunate action of some oestrogens, is that they may stimulate growth of some types of pre-cancerous or cancerous tissue, encouraged by an anaerobic environment (Invivo, 2003). Until the pancreas has regenerated significantly, which can take quite a while, there appears little to counteract the oestrogens except the proteolytic enzymes, consumed as part of the Body Electronics nutritional program (also contained in mature green papaya and kiwi fruit).

A properly working or regenerated pancreas, produces and secretes abundant quantities of chymotrypsinogen. This becomes chymotrypsin (Stryer et. al., 2002) in the small intestine. Chymotrypsin is a protealytic enzyme which helps to break down proteins in digestion. This, together with an aerobic environment, appears to prevent overgrowth of pre-cancerous tissue. So, between starting Body Electronics and regenerating the pancreas, the only way to get enough protealytic enzymes to protect the body, is to eat them.

Please, never for any reason, encourage a person who is or has been a participant of Body Electronics, to stop taking their nutritional supplements, especially enzymes. A disease crisis may be the outcome of such action.

This is also the reason that if participants decide to discontinue Body Electronics before their pancreas has regenerated fully,*4 they may need to keep taking at least the enzymes from the nutritional program, in similar quantities thereafter.

The question as to the likelihood of this oestrogenic effect occurring in those who stop taking enzymes before pancreatic regeneration, remains to be determined. There are so many individual variables to consider and it is therefore, very difficult to predict.

Having known of tragic consequences of this on more than one occasion however, my personal recommendation is to assume that there would be a reasonable probability of an oestrogenic effect occurring.

*4 It has been observed by Body Electronics practitioners over many years, that the vast majority of people begin their healing journey with their pancreas having less than optimal function. That is, there are often signs of sub-clinical pancreatic deficiency.

11Mineral supplementation after cessation of Body Electronics

This it is something important to be aware of and perhaps test for at the appropriate time, if there is reason to.

It has been found that continuing to take the same minerals as those which are included in the Body Electronics program, may be detrimental to an ex-participant in the long term. This is because some individuals may be sensitive to iron overload, which may cause disruption and damage to organs.

The minerals used in the program contain fair amounts of iron. In a few individuals this may cause a higher than normal iron retention, when not being utilized by the body for pointholding/tissue reconstruction. Potential for iron overload is increased by other lifestyle factors also, for example consumption of red meat.

If this becomes relevant and mineral supplementation is desired when not involved in Body Electronics, finding a mineral source that does not contain iron may be appropriate.

In my opinion it would be wise, when stopping or pausing from Body Electronics pointholding, to obtain complete blood tests including iron studies, to ensure ongoing nutritional safety.

12The Need for Education Regarding Body Electronics Concepts

Body Electronics works - as long as the process is not interrupted.

Most people are emotionally reactive to some degree. No matter how well-trained people are as professionals, emotions can run high in the face of conflicting viewpoints and misunderstandings.

Understanding Body Electronics involves a major paradigm shift. Things which are not normally considered possible become the norm; miracles become expected when they are understood as logical progressions of the application of principles, which the average person can learn to apply.

Without the education that the Body Electronics seminars, books, tapes, etc can give, I would not expect an outsider trained in other methods, to ever agree with this new appreciation without their thorough investigation.

Indeed, Health Professionals who have courageously attended Body Electronics seminars, have found that they needed to put aside they're professional education for a little while, to be able to comprehend the enormity and simplicity of this new perspective. This added dimension of understanding has also given them more to offer their every day clients, in terms of understanding and theoretical tools.

This is ancient knowledge, rediscovered over the last century, and applied in a systematic way, in our time. We are indeed, fortunate!

13Summary & Conclusion

1Our new challenge is to offer Body Electronics participants safety and support, while maintaining their right to autonomy. Participants must never be pressured nor manipulated into giving up the Body Electronics program, especially while a healing crisis is in progress.

2When people are taking medication for a medical condition and start Body Electronics, it may be important to maintain medical supervision. Medication level can then be monitored and, at the appropriate time, safely reduced as the participants' body gradually regenerates.

3One main difference between Body Electronics and other therapies, is the manner by which bodymind balance is affected. Body Electronics takes people by their own intent, out of their level of balance (or non-balance) and propels them to higher levels of balance, through expansion of awareness and regeneration of body structure and function. In this way, longer-term resistance to disease is also assured.

4Discomfort or pain during a Body Electronics healing crisis needs to be monitored carefully by the participant. If ever in doubt about such symptoms, please first consult the Body Electronics practitioner. If other health professionals are involved, they may need to blend their professional knowledge with this new appreciation of Body Electronics and the healing crisis.

5Once a person has started Body Electronics (being the nutrient saturation program AND pointholding sessions), they may need to keep taking the proteolytic enzymes at least, until the pancreas has regenerated. If a person stops Body Electronics by choice prior to this, they may still need to keep taking these enzymes.

6Please educate yourself about Body Electronics, particularly in relation to the healing crisis. The understanding gained will have its own intelligent action when offering support to a participant.

We are all care-givers, whether a part of the health professions, families or friends. And we try hard to do our best for people we care for.

It is only normal that we apply what knowledge is available to us... yet there may be other viewpoints than our own, particlularly when people are involved with Body Electronics.

Let us not react either emotionally or professionally, but allow ourselves to care just as much, with this newfound understanding which Body Electronics brings to the world.


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