Body Electronics: High Impact Healing

Body Electronics: High Impact Healing

Basic Concepts of
Bodily Regeneration

© Written by John Robert

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What do our cells need to thrive and function well?

  1. An aerobic or oxygen-rich environment.
  2. The ability to obtain all nutrients - blood and cerebrospinal fluid.
  3. Communication with the bodymind - nerves and hormones.
  4. An efficient waste disposal system - blood and lymph.
  5. Protection from harmful substances - efficient immunity.

When we are ill or injured, our cells in the involved areas of our bodies are not functioning properly. That is, some or all of the above needs are not being met, to some degree.

For example, in an injury some nerves may have been severed or impinged upon, hence reducing blood and nutrient supply to some areas.

How does Body Electronics help?

  1. First thing: it supplies an abundance of nutrients to the body, individualised to the person's needs.
  2. Secondly, returns the nerve supply to the affected areas. Yes, nerves can and do regrow under special circumstances.
  3. This promotes the circulation of blood and the free flow of cerebrospinal fluid in the areas...
  4. Which supplies all the nutrients and produces an aerobic environment in which opportunistic bacteria, parasitic organisms and cancerous tissue cannot survive. This also attracts stem cells and enables their differentiation to become new specific cells to the area.
  5. Immunity and waste disposal is stimulated also, so the body can rid itself of injured or foreign material.
  6. When cells start to function again throughout the body, hormones are released in the right balance and full function gradually returns.

These improvements occur mostly simultaneously but gradually, according to the person's learning. Committment, consistency and persistence are most important traits to apply in this process.

This is a very simplistic description, but when seen in practice, it all makes sense. For healing to occur, the Principles of Regeneration must be followed to the letter. This involves a gentle self-discipline which develops as one learns the process and begins to gain benefits.

Spinal nerves & chiropractic care

The founder of Body Electronics Dr. John Whitman Ray, was trained as a chiropractor, amongst many other things. So he understood the result of entrapment of nerves by subluxation (partial displacement) of upper cervical vertebrae. This entrapment may restrict nerve supply to the many organs and glands of the body.

With Body Electronics, the subluxations of the vertebrae may be reduced more effectively than with chiropractic care alone. Also, with regeneration of the vertebrae and vertebral discs, including the transmutation ('dissolving') of calcifications from the bone, vertebrae, ligaments and muscles may therefore be realigned more easily, effectively releasing the nerves from entrapment.

Chiropractic adjustment following spinal Body Electronics is usually necessary and recommended. Performed at this stage, such adjustments have proved to be easier and more permanent.

This process then, helps organs to regenerate and/or function more effectively. As can be seen on the Body Electronics Flow Sheet, they are helped firstly by pointholding on their reflex points and then by working on the spine.

Many abnormalities and general misalignments along the spine are also gradually corrected in conjuction with chiropractic, as one works progressively through the points on the flow sheet.

How do tissues actually regenerate?

Our mental aspect governing the emotional, determines the physical.

The mental aspect is determined by the "inner essence" of our being, beyond time and space.

The inner essence forms the structure of our body "template", which determines the outer body structure and function.

With healing or clearing of the mental template, i.e. growth of consciousness, the body is gradually healed:

Where an unconscious limiting belief or purpose is discovered along with the entire truth of its creation and a willingness to be the cause of it, a new awareness is gained. The original truth is then discovered.

Further, disidentification by the participant to either end of this duality (limiting belief vs original truth) brings about a purity of consciousness by release of emotional attachment; see the Duality page.

The template is therefore recreated more "perfectly" just as Life, God or whatever-you-may-call-it intended, resulting in perfect body structure and function.

So nerves, blood vessels, lymphatics, bones, glands, etc., are regenerated to perfection gradually, session by session, as the whole truth of self-creation is uncovered and cleared.

Important Note: this is entirely different from any psychology or balancing processes which attempts to 'reprogram', 'replace' or 'change' the limiting beliefs, e.g. some hypnotherapy, NLP or kinesiology processes.

Does Anything Else Change?

This started out to be a page about the physical aspect of healing with Body Electronics...

But how can one seperate the physical from the rest? Our bodies are so intrinsically connected with all of Life from atom to spirit, that to talk about one level alone is to tell a lie.

To come back to the task at hand: Yes, many things change as a result of realising perfection in one part of the bodymind. I will attempt to take these one at a time:

Eye Changes: The iris of each eye gradually change colour in the relevant areas to where the healing in the body has taken place. The direction of colour is generally from black -> brown -> green -> blue and in density from dark to light. Such changes can often be seen directly after a Body Electronics session.

The lines (blood vessels) in the sclera of each eye also change. Just as in the iris, the sclera shows changes in corresponding areas to those healed in the rest of the body.

Ability Increases: As health issues are gradually resolved, abilities are restored to the individual, often with a great deal of relief! Mental capacity may also increase substantially.

Personality Changes: Depending on the thoughts, feelings and word patterns transmuted during a session, there will be corresponding confidence-building changes in the way the individual relates to the world and to others. Emotional intelligence soars!

Hereditary changes: Inherited physical anomolies also contain the ancestoral cellular memory or cause behind the anomoly. When this memory with its associated trauma, is transmuted during the process of Body Electronics, the result is dissolution of the inherited problem on the physical level.

This may sound very simplistic. In practice, the ease with which transmutation occurs can range from 'being like any other pointholding session', to being a major event. But when the participant understands how to apply the principles of Love, Light and Perfection, it is really no different than any other session.

Sometimes, after an intensive period of pointholding where an individual has had extensive regeneration, it can be of interest to check with one's close relatives to see if they have experienced any changes themselves. This is the result of "Morphogenic Resonance" which has been theorised, researched and described by Rupert Sheldrake in his books and videos.

See a further explanation of Body Electronics in an article which answers the frequently asked question: Why do I need Body Electronics?