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Frequently Asked Questions

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These FAQ's are relevant to those who have already read at least the "Overview" page on this site. If you haven't yet done this, please click here to do so now.

  1. I'm sure that my major health problem is just physical, so why do I need Body Electronics?
  2. Where do I purchase Schweitzer Formula?
  3. How is it determined where the points are to be held?
  4. Where can I find a pointholder?
  5. Where can I find a practitioner?
  6. Is it possible to hold the points yourself?
  7. Can Massage be a part of Body Electronics?
  8. I had an organ transplant some years ago. Why would Body Electronics not be good for me?
  9. How can I obtain the Logic In Sequence Series of books by Dr. John Whitman Ray?
  10. Are there any audio or video recordings of beginners and/or instructors seminars available?
  11. Have any transcriptions of Dr. John Ray's audio tapes been done?

Q1I'm looking for a natural remedy for my major health condition, but I'm certain that it's only a physical problem which means it needs a physical solution. So why would I need Body Electronics?

Answer: I have responded to this in an article here on another page. Also, you might want to read my regeneration page too.


Q2Where do I purchase Schweitzer Formula?

Answer: The crystal form for easy distribution world wide, is available from Enzymes International.


Q3 How is it determined where the points are to be held?

Answer: The points are located with instruction and practise. See my page with the Flowsheet. This is an outline. But you can't just hold a few points and 'all fixed' in five minutes. This is not a quick fix... it's a way of life. It also requires a fair amount of study.


Q4 Where can I find a pointholder?

Answer: To find a pointholder, ideally you need a pointholding group run by a Body Electronics practitioner. Firstly consult the practitioner for an eye reading and assessment. He/she can help you from there.

Before that though, read everything you can get your hands on about Body Electronics. Read every page on my site, then go to the links page and read other sites. Understanding is the key.

I suggest you order the book: "How We Heal" by Dr. Douglas Morrison, 2nd ed. 2006.

Then attend a seminar or at least find/buy/beg some videos of a seminar and watch them all. You may have to be prepared to travel. Good practitioners are 'few and far between'. On my links page you'll find a couple of facebook groups for Body Electronics where you might ask for help about this and other issues.


Q5Where can I find a practitioner?

Answer:At this time (2019) to my knowledge, there are no actively consulting B.E. Practitioners in Australia. If anyone knows differently, please let me know.

There are currently three active practitioners in the world who I know more than others:
Illia Lang in Ontario, Canada;
Peter Hinde in Manchester, UK;
Peter Aziz in Devon, UK.
A few others are listed on my links page.


Q6 Is it possible to hold the points on yourself?

Answer: Holding points on oneself is not possible until you know what you're doing. It is very involved and definitely a learned thing. Once you understand what to do, which could take up to a year (!), self pointholding is possible (I've done it a couple of times) but it's not very easy - depends on where the point is.


Q7Can Massage be a part of Body Electronics?

Answer: Not as a part of the Body Electronics process. Body Electronics pointholding has the ultimate massage effect: relaxation of the built up body 'armour' or long term stress. When the bones and facia are aligned properly, the muscles relax... especially noticeable in areas where there are accupressure points and/or 'trigger points'.

When there is emotional AND mental release WITH consciousness change, muscles relax. In my experience, a recalcitrant attitude maintains trigger points and muscular tension.

In advanced Body Electronics we sometimes need to do pointholding of muscles. This also acts on organs etc., that the muscles worked on reflex to, such that the organs regenerate and the muscle relaxes properly.

In my opinion, massage is a truly beneficial therapy for body maintenance. It encourages blood circulation and therefore nutrition, thus maintaining nerve supply. It also lowers high blood pressure. Psychologically, massage helps in all anxiety states, gradually bringing about order to our thought processes. We all could do with a good massage... why not daily! :-)


Q8I had an organ transplant some years ago. Why would Body Electronics not be good for me?

Answer: Am I right to assume that your organ transplant was successful and that you now are taking some sort of immunosuppressive medication to prevent your body rejecting the organ?

If this is correct, then:

1) The Body Electronics Program encourages the body's immune system to help the body detox and heal itself. So this action of the immune system would also help the body reject a transplanted organ. This could be very dangerous indeed.

In effect, the body would view the transplanted organ as 'not part of itself' and therefore would try to 'detox' them, one way or another.

2) Also the high quantity of protease enzymes ingested with the Body Electronics program, literally 'digests' or breaks down, any protein that is 'not of the body', in which case the transplanted organ may be broken down... not a happy thing to have happen!

The time for Body Electronics is before transplant, as a preventive process to regenerate the suffering organs before they expire, that is, before requiring transplant. Unfortunately in the real world, Body Electronics is often discovered after people have exhausted all orthodox medical possibilities.

Personally, I am not experienced nor knowledgeable about any aspect of organ transplantation. I would therefore have to leave it well alone. Your task I believe, is to maintain your physical status quo by maximizing "balance" in your life. This may be the antithesis of what Body Electronics does. It deliberately takes a person out of balance in order for regeneration to occur.

Some aspects of the Nutrition Program may be detrimental in your situation; for example, it would be unwise to eat mature green papaya or any other form of protease enzymes. Anything that boosts your immune system might be dangerous. As always, consult your medical team (Doctors, Surgeons, etc.) for guidance.


Q9 How can I obtain the Logic In Sequence Series of books by Dr. John Whitman Ray?

Answer: Firstly, an E-book version series is downloadable from here.

If you want hardcopy versions, i.e. the physical books, I don't know if there is a supply left anywhere now. Dr. John Ray had only a limited printing run done when he published them; this has not been repeated to my knowledge.


Q10   Are there any video recordings of beginners and/or instructors seminars available?

Answer: Yes.. well, sort of.. Some videos and audios including Body Electronics Introduction videos and tapes, Healing Crisis Tapes and others may be listened to/viewed on YouTube. Bare in mind that all these videos were recorded on VHS tape, so the image quality has not survived by being digitalised.

Others do exist, but no-one to my knowledge has the opportunity to make them available on a continuous basis. If you've listened to the above videos and are desperate for more, email me. We might be able to work something out.


Q11 Have any transcriptions of Dr. John Ray's audio tapes been done?

Answer: Yes, for a transcription of the Healing Crisis Tapes, go here and scroll to the 4th (last) section. These are also on my downloads page. See also Question 9 above, and the video page (question 10) for the audio tapes.


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