Body Electronics: High Impact Healing

Body Electronics: High Impact Healing

Body Electronics

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Here is a list of testimonials or stories written by participants of Body Electronics. Some are on this page, others are on other pages; also one off-site, but they are all linked to from here:

  1. A Retired Practitioner's Story & Simple Explanation of Body Electronics
  2. Regeneration for a man with a Kyphosis
  3. Helping a girl with Downs Syndrome
  4. Reversing Diverticulosis - Personal Account of Digestive Healing
  5. Personal account of healing chronic Asthma
  6. Healing Knee Pain, Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia & Glaucoma
    at 89 years of age
  7. Healing Spinal Cord Injuries
  8. 12 year old boy born without retinas, gains sight
  9. Regeneration from chronic intractable spinal pain due to occupational injury and multiple medical attempts to correct it
  10. Anonymous account of ongoing healing from Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  11. Improved airway patency with regeneration of nasal passage; personal account


A Retired Practitioner's Story & Simple Explanation of Body Electronics
Written late 1999 and kindly sent to me by Barbara.

This is an article I wrote for a magazine, what seems to be, many years ago. I also did a radio program on him and BE.

Body Electronics
Founded by Prof Dr Sir John Whitman Ray - 1934-2001
B.A., N.D., D.Sc., N.M.D., C.T., M.T., C.I., Cert.Eds., Ph.D., B.C.Dip.N., M.D. (M.A.), Dr.Ac., F.F.I.M.

In the late 1990's, an acquaintance came to my home and told me a man called Dr John Whitman Ray was coming to town to do a healing seminar and suggested that I go along. No thanks. I'd met many people claiming to heal but to date, for me, none could or did (produce a visual result) and my long time belief and search that someone could heal easily, had come to a halt some twelve months before this. No thanks again..though on his third visit with the same suggestion, I reluctantly agreed.

On entering the seminar room, I noticed a lady on crutches and heard a very loud American accented voice bellow out "Little Lady! Do you want that broken foot for the next six weeks in plaster or do you want it fixed now?" I turned to see a very tall, large man wearing a big smile that reached up into his twinkling eyes. My first thought was Heaven Help Me! What am I doing here?!!!... and then quietly removed myself to the other side of the room as the others congregated around both this man and the lady on crutches.

My thoughts were interrupted by a chorus of noisy, excited victory shouts and the words, "Fourteen and a half minutes", "No! My watch says fourteen minutes". I turned. The lady was walking normally. No crutches! Was this a set up? Immediately I took the role of detective, checking every detail that would lead to fraud. But there was none! Only a story of this man's dedicated search for and exposing the truth that we can indeed heal ourselves of everything should we choose to do so. His service to mankind seemed impeccable.

I found that back in the 50's, John Ray's older brother practiced Reflexology and curious John wondered what would happen if a pressure point was held for an extended period of time, and not just seven seconds, as commonly practiced. John found that the applied pressure when extended unlocked the memory held in the crystal of that pressure point, and the "owner" of the crystal could get the understanding (the 'pearl of wisdom' or the 'ahaa') and let go of the event - thus un-creating. John researched and developed his technique. An opportunity arose where John could present his technique at a University to a large room full of top USA doctors. In the presentation, John invited the participation of the University's janitor, a man with a club foot and heavy limp. John applied his technique and the janitor had a normal foot and no limp, all in half an hour. The doctors were not interested. In fact, they ridiculed him. John soldiered on teaching his technique to those who were interested. John Ray later learnt that Ancient Egyptians practiced this method of healing - uncreating.

Over the six days of the seminar we learned and applied the basic principles of Body Electronics ("B.E.") We witnessed eyes turning from brown to green, and damaged fingers uncurl. I was hooked! Shortly after this seminar, John ran his third and last eight-week live-in "Instructors Seminar" at Genazzano on the Tablelands, attended by approximately 110 participants from all over the world. Many healings (un-creations) occurred, one being the vanishing of my twenty-one year old caesarian scar. Another un-creation was a twenty year old paraplegic who had fallen from her horse, could now move her head from side to side, inhale full breaths and lift her arms. That was amazing for me. I was doubley hooked.

John's understudy, a Doug Morrison PhD, then conducted a two week B.E. seminar in Wooloongong and in Melbourne. I attended both!! At the Melbourne event, I met David, a twenty-five year old skiing champion who became a blind vegetable in a wheelchair as a result of a water skiing accident. His mother and grandmother had faith in John Ray and his Body Electronics and worked on David relentlessly. The last time I saw David, he was walking, speaking and, could now see in black and white with a hint of colour. A recent enquiry revealed that David has since fully recovered and is running a very successful business in Melbourne.

Rudi Eder (a fellow B.E. student and friend) and I invited Doug to Townsville on separate occasions for two week live-in B.E. Seminars. I attended another six week live-in Instructors Seminar at Coomba, near Canberra, with Doug and fellow instructors, and then I went off to Perth for two weeks with Ada, a Perth-based B.E. Instructor. Together with Ada, we set up and ran weekend B.E. seminars in Perth, Geelong, Townsville and Cairns, and attended a two week live-in B.E. course in New Zealand. One young man coughed up a black mass of degenerative tissue the size of a tennis ball the morning after his session. I have seen so many lives change, including my own.

B.E. Groups are in action all over Australia [Not much these days - JH]. The Townsville B.E. Group participants held points regularly on a baby who since birth was fed through a tube inserted into the stomach, had no control of his body and eye movements and his hands were permanently clenched. Last I heard, he was eating normally, his eyes could focus and he could hold his head up. So what is Body Electronics?

Think of some event you didn't like happening when you were a child. How many times have you resisted or recreated some part or all of it again and again? How much fear or grief is attached to it? We become the slave to our resisted memories and they then form into a crystal through repetition. Some of these events terrified us so much when they were happening that we have developed "no memory" of them, but the crystals live on running our lives and we have no idea why we do some of the things we do.

When pressure is applied to the crystal, the crystal heats up and access to the memory is gained, giving us an opportunity to re-experience it and un-create it. A facilitator facilitates the release of the thoughts, words and emotions of your creations and you can experience consciousness changing and gain the 'pearl of wisdom' therein. When this happens, the original effect created on the organ or part of the body, will un-create/regenerate. A simple visual example: I held a point on a broken bone on the top of a man's foot. David. The break had caused him severe suffering for eleven years after he and his boss dropped a heavy wooden railway sleeper on his foot. It was still sensitive to the touch of a feather, so I applied a very light pressure on the break. As the crystal heated up and then melted, it released the memory, going back to the point of creation. When he saw how he created it, (the 'pearl of wisdom', the ahaa), the bones under my finger moved around and went back into place (pre-accident position). He felt it too. When the bones stopped moving, he leapt from the massage table and jumped around the room. He hit it again and again and there was no pain. He stomped on it repeatedly. No pain! No break!

A simple mental example: A lady realised that she befriended only men who were never there for her when she needed them. (That's her locked in crystallized memory). Whilst having her points held, she remembered a time as a child in hospital when her father said he would be there with her when she needed him after the operation. Coming out of her operation she was unconscious most of the time but she knew that he wasn't there. It devastating for her as a child and she became a slave to the story of 'men are never there for her when she needed them'. Then the crystal started to heat, melt and reveal the truth. She saw the story unfold further and that he was there, tired and lovingly sitting there hour after hour holding her hand. (That's the truth - that's what happened) The pearl of wisdom was gained. The old crystallized memory no longer exists. Later she rang her father and he told her the full story which confirmed what had been locked in the crystal. He had been there all the time lovingly holding her hand. Her relationships with males for thirty years were all based on a lie that 'men are never there for her when she needed them!' Now she is free of that crystal that ran her male relationships. There's a good chance that men will always be there when she needs them now!

Body Electronics is not a 'miracle'. It is a process, and when the process is followed exactly, it produces amazing results that some call 'miracles'. They are not! Body Electronics is just a process.


Spinal Regeneration for a Man with an obvious Kyphosis. July 1995, at Dr John Ray's Natural Healing Centre, Rarotonga, Cook Islands
Written by John Robert

While visiting John Ray's clinic to immerse myself in Body Electronics, John gave me the privaliage of being the sole pointholder for this man. He had a pronounced Kyphosis, an anterior or forward curvature of his thoracic/upper spine.

Daily pointholding for 3 to 4 hours per session for about 15 sessions, saw him standing a lot straighter than before. He also had more flexibility. His skin over his whole body appeared more youthful, as did the way he moved.

Once he took me home in the evening after a session. We got into his car and he had to readjust the mirrors and his seat to allow for his newly regained height!

We didn't do any work on his neck (I think that had been done before to some degree), but I worked on the rest of his vertebrae down to his waist. I also worked on points including the soles of both feet, both clavicals (collar bones) and pubic bone.

As I held each vertabrae, I could feel the calcifications, which were palpable before on the spinus processes, dissolve away. Thus any lumpiness on his back that was apparent before pointholding, was gone afterwards. His back was then very normal-looking.

One thing that amazed me was that, although this man would not give up his habits of being a heavy smoker, nor his consuming of two pints of beer every afternoon, Body Electronics still worked! I wonder what better results might he have attained for himself, if he had.


July 1995, at Dr John Ray's Natural Healing Centre, Rarotonga, Cook Islands
Written by John Robert

I was invited by Dr John Ray to help with special pointholding sessions for a young girl with Downs Syndrome. At each of the three sessions there were six of us present plus the girl's parents, who were taking a very close and active role.

At the first session, the girl seemed happy and jumped up onto the low pointholding table. This session lasted only one hour and ten minutes.. but what a session it was!

John set the scene by asking each of us to prayerfully connect with our Spiritual Source in our own ways, and ask that whatever was necessary for this girl's highest and best good, to occur at this time.

The STO points and left and right heart points were held during this session. So three of us were holding points, leaving the rest for extra comfort and support.

As you may understand, one of the physical characteristics of a person with downs syndrome to a greater or lesser degree, is rounded features sometimes with 'clubbing' of feet and hands, and lack of muscular definition.

About 20 munites into the session, I noticed John looking very intently at the girl's feet. I followed his line of sight and he said to me, "watch that big toe." I did. After a short while, I noticed movement - the toe was becoming longer, slowly at first but then progressively faster. We looked at the other toe, same thing was beginning to happen, then all the toes were doing the same. The whole feet started elongating then. We looked at the hands, which also had begun to do the same. By this time all present were awstruck by this.

We looked around for other changes and noticed the girl's cheekbones had become more prominent and I could see the forehead prominences were more noticeble. At one point I remember watching both her ears steadily marching downwards as her whole skull gradually reshaped itself. Her top palette became more angular and by the end of the session, I could see that she had 'grown' the central verticle furrow, we normally have in our top lip.

By the end of the session, the girl's calves and forearms had elongated a little and the muscles appeared toned and well defined. Emotionally, the girl had remained relatively happy throughout, and jumped off the table and ran around the room with joy, no doubt loving all the attention.

These changes were relatively mild, but I remember thinking at the time that I was witnessing pure Grace in action.

The next two sessions were different. More points were being held and it seemed that the girl was starting to re-experience times, which may have been traumatic for her. Emotionally then, although obviously keen to start each session, she would cry occasionally and express a wish to leave. Persistent persuasion and gentle restraint allowed the completion of the sessions.

I never knew if any more sessions were done for this girl since then. John did another seminar trip to India and Australia soon after this, before moving to New Zealand.


Reversing Diverticulosis - Personal Account of Digestive Healing at Genazzano Centre, Atherton Tableland, Queensland. February 1996
Written by John Robert

Following LOTS of giving and receiving pointholding including the full set of 'Cranials' as part of attending the seminar, I finally had a major healing crisis of my colon.

Towards the end of the seminar, I had a day of feeling very fragile and slept for a couple of hours in the early afternoon. I then walked towards the conference hall where others were still pointholding.. but I couldn't make it.

I suddenly felt very shaky and then felt a brilliant flash of exquisitely burning pain right through my upper abdominal area, from right to left. I doubled over onto the ground.. and then there was no pain. All was strangely quiet. Oh.. then I knew I needed the toilet, right NOW! - it was 100 metres away.. but I somehow made it.

OK.. details aside, I passed at least 5 faecaliths about 2.5cm long (by look, I didn't grab them and measure them!), a shiny purply colour. These are the products of hardened faecal matter which have been pushed under pressure of constipation, into the wall of the colon, producing an outpouching of the colon. The outpouchings are the 'diverticula' from which the name of the condition of diverticulosis is derived.

A couple of days later I passed another one which was longer but was not as painful a process.

The outcome of this for me was permanent ease of defecation, increase of regularity and a much more comfortable gut.


Personal account of healing chronic Asthma - November 2000 Gold Coast, Australia   Written by John Robert

While attending a week-long pointholding intensive lead by Dr John Ray, I held a point on a young man who had bent his tail bone in an accident as an infant.

About an hour into the session, my thumb which was pressing on the tailbone, became intensely hot. This 'burning' sensation gradually engulfed my whole hand... suddenly, my sternum POPPED! Everyone in the room could hear it and turned to see what it was.

For the next 30 minutes or so, I continued to apply the principles of Love and Light. I discovered and intensified the word pattern: "I have to be perfect" and all the feelings and sensations that came with it. I finally uncovered the duality to this word pattern which was "I am perfect". This came with the understanding that whatever I am, and however I express myself, I am still perfect, and always have been.

Soon after this, all the burning I had felt in my hand gradually subsided and the session ended. I felt a great relief, knowing that I didn't have the compulsion to be 'perfect' any more!

One week later, I was in another session, but this time I was having a point (pineal) on my right big toe held by a 12 year old boy, who did a wonderful job. During this session, I became very drowsy... after about an hour and a half, I became aware of my surroundings again. I had not anticipated any change - it's often interesting at the end of these sessions however, to see if there have been any obvious changes.

Anyhow, when it ended and I sat there on the mattress, I knew something was different. It took me a couple of minutes to realise... hey, I can breath!!

I had been a mild to moderate asthmatic for 39 years and now it seemed, my airway was totally clear. I was breathing with absolute ease! I had never felt that way before. This relief of about 70% improvement, has been permanent.


12 year old boy born without retinas, gains sight - 1995 Adelaide, South Australia   Republished with permission from author, Dr Douglas Morrison. Written late 1990's. Subject of story unable to be contacted.

Well, another couple years passed with John Ray mainly in the Cook Islands and me travelling about the USA teaching BE, and both of us writing back and forth every few weeks. Then in January 1995 I came over to Australia for three months to help John teach both an Instructors seminar in North Queensland as well as some weekends in other places. (This was the trip where those Melbourne seminars were videotaped, with which many of you may be familiar, these seminars occurring in February 1995.) As this is getting far longer than I intended, I am going to wrap things up here with one final story. People have often asked me what is the most amazing thing I've ever witnessed with Body Electronics. What follows would certainly be as good a candidate as any healing that I've seen myself:

John and I were in Adelaide, South Australia in March 1995 for some weekend seminars. I was doing eye readings at the clinic of a local doctor, and John was also seeing patients there. One day, John was scheduled to see a boy named Declan, who was about twelve or so. His mother was in the seminar. I had that hour free, and somehow knew to tag along with John.

Declan had been blind since birth, and we were told that according to his doctors, Declan had been born without retinas. I found that I could wave my hands around in front of his face and there was no following of the motion with his eyes. If I jabbed my finger directly towards his eyes, almost hitting him, there was absolutely no startle response nor any apparent awareness that I had done so. If I took a bright penlight and brought it to within about an inch of his eye, he said he could tell there was light, but only when the light was almost touching his eye. I am not certain even then that it was the light he actually felt, as at that distance it could well have been the heat from the bulb instead.

John examined Declan, and found that the atlas (C1) and axis (C2) were displaced anteriorly. He had me feel Declan's neck as well, and clearly both these top cervical vertebrae were indeed quite forward. (Note: nerve supply to the eyes relates to C2 and nearby vertebrae.) We were in a small room, without a massage table, so John had Declan sit in a chair and sat behind him in another chair. John placed one of his huge hands on Declan's forehead from behind so he'd have something to supply counterpressure, and then stuck his huge thumb onto Declan's upper neck. He told Declan to let him know where it hurt, and also explained to him that it was supposed to hurt but that he should let John know if it was ever too much.

Declan was a brave boy, and within a minute or two he told John that he was burning in both eyes as well as behind the eyes. John told him this was great, and they continued. I was watching all of this from a few feet to Declan's left. The entire pointholding took about forty minutes. Here are a few things I distinctly remember as we went along:

After a few minutes, Declan pointed to his right and told us there was light coming from over there. There was a closed window about four feet to his right, right where he was pointing.

Shortly after, Declan told us that he could see "rectangles" and he pointed to the wall behind me. Declan knew what rectangles were shaped like because he'd learned about them in school and felt them with his hands. Now, he was pointing to some framed diplomas and pictures that were on the wall about four feet away from him. I touched one with my hand and asked him if this was what he meant, and he told me it was. I did this again with another, and again he said "yes." Then I moved my hand to an area of the wall where there were no pictures or diplomas, and asked him "how about this one?" He told me there wasn't one there that he could see.

His mother was a few feet in front of him. We asked if he could see where she was. He said he could, so we asked him to touch her face. He reached out his hand and placed it directly upon her face with no hesitation.

Then a short time later, he told us there were "lines" in front of him. About eight feet away from him, the entire opposite wall was a forest scene with trees. We had his mother go by the wall and slowly move her hand along the wall. We asked him to tell us whenever she came to another of the lines he saw. As she came to each tree, he would tell us that there was another line.

Growing more and more intrigued as I watched all of this, I picked up a "Dick Smith" catalogue from next to me. (Dick Smith is a chain of electronics stores in Australia and New Zealand.) The catalogue has on it on different lines things like "COMPUTERS", "ELECTRONICS", "MOBILE PHONES" or whatever. Each line is in capital letters, and the print is black and quite bold, with the letters being perhaps a half inch in height. And each line has a different color background behind it.

So I asked Declan if he could read this to me. (He knew what letters were shaped like, as he'd felt them with his hands at school, at least the ones in his own name.) As I extended the catalogue to him, he reached right out for it without hesitation. He then held it really close to his eyes, just a few inches away. Gradually, he'd identify a letter and point to it - an "E" or an "L" or whatever. He pointed out five or six letters in this manner, and the only mistake he made was he identified a "G" as a "C", which given the font used and the fact that they were capitals, there was not a great difference.

After doing this a bit, Declan volunteered that "there's something behind the letters." (Remember the different colored backgrounds.) Now if you’ve been blind all your life, I am not sure how anyone could explain color to you. So I asked him if this "something" was the same behind every line. He said that it was not. So I asked him if there were any lines where it was the same. He said there were, and he pointed first to one line with a yellow background, and then to another line also with a yellow background lower down the page.

I had a mustache and goatee at the time. He looked over at me and told me there was something "dark" around my mouth. I told him to touch it and see what it was, which he did. After about forty minutes of pointholding, John unplugged, and we went outside. Declan walked around exploring his "new" world of sight. It was a very bright day, and we were in a garden with hedges, flowers, and shrubs and a bit of wind. So there were shapes, color and motion for him to integrate. Watching him, Declan seemed to explore everything with his eyes first, and then when and if he did not understand something, he would use his hands and fingers to get more information. I was struck in particular with how shadows seemed to confuse him. My guess is that he'd see these darker areas as if they were solid things (it was a very bright day) and then reach out and find "nothing" there.

Anyways, all in all a rather amazing thing to witness. I can't tell you what happened physically here for sure. I left for the USA a few days later, and I've never heard anything about Declan since, don't even know his last name in fact. But assuming that he really was born without retinas, my best guess would be that in that forty minutes of John holding his point and Declan experiencing intense burning pain in his eyes and behind his eyes, that he experienced at least partial if not a complete appearance or "generation" of his retinas. (Somehow, "regeneration" does not seem like the word to describe the appearance of something that had never been there in the first place.) The process of vision is far more than light going through the lens and focusing on the retina. A lot of vision is in the brain. A lot of vision is neurological. A lot is based upon previous experience. My best guess is that in that forty minutes Declan experienced the partial or full generation of the absent physical apparatus of vision, but that he would still need to "learn" to see.

Anyways, far more could be written on all of this, but this is already many times longer than I intended, so I will end this for now.


Regeneration from chronic intractable spinal pain due to occupational injury and multiple medical attempts to correct it   Written by Christine, July 1995
(Permission to republish attempted; all contact methods & searches failed)


To Whom it May Concern

I am an enrolled nurse. I hurt my lower back in October 1990 whilst at work lifting a patient. It didn't hurt that much at the time, but after finishing my shift I went home and layed down and the pain got worse and I couldn't get back up. With the help of a friend I managed to go to the doctors surgery. He felt that I had pulled some ligaments in my back. He gave me an injection of Pethidine and prescribed Valium 5mgs to be taken 3 times a day and a week off work. I went back home but the pain kept getting worse and now it was going down my right leg. After 2 days of going back up to get pain injections the doctor put me into hospital and into pelvic traction and sent me off for x-rays. The x-rays showed nothing and the traction seemed to make the pain worse.

After being in hospital for a week and no improvement, he sent me off to an orthopaedic specialist in Dubbo who said that it should come right in a month, it was only a torn ligament. My husband and I were not happy with this diagnosis and asked to be referred to a Neurosurgeon in Sydney. He sent me for a Magnetic Resonance Imagery x-ray. This showed some disc protrusion but still no nerve root injury. The treatment I received then was intensive physio and I had a Cortisone injection into the spine with no relief of the pain and the physio made the pain worse. I was therefore sent home with a back brace to see if that would help.

All this time I was on four hourly injections of either Pethidine or Fortral. I spent the next 6 months in and out of hospital in traction or just bed rest and pain injections plus another Cortisone injection in the spine and also a Para-vertebral block to the nerve, all with no success so the neurosurgeon finally said he would have to go in and have a look.

I had the first operation in May 1991. The surgeon found a piece of the vertebrae broken off and pressing in on the sciatic nerve. None of this showed up on x-ray. He removed it and so performed a laminectomy, which was to free the nerve. After the operation I was in a full body cast for 6 weeks. This operation gave me some relief and I even returned to work on alternate duties for a couple of hours a day in July 1991. This lasted for 4 days. I had to go and see an Insurance doctor in Orange, who poked and prodded around my back even after I had told him that the neurosurgeon said no one was to push on my back. He said he wanted to know what was going on himself. The result of that visit was I ended up back in hospital that night and back onto more pain injections. Then back to Sydney hospital. The neurosurgeon said it would have eventually happened, he just speeded it up. He then put me into a full body cast for 2 months to try to keep the back stable which helped a bit but once the cast was taken off the pain got worse so therefore I had my second operation in November 1991. This time they fused the spine from L4 to Sl and back into the plaster cast again for another 6 weeks. During this time the pain did not change. It was a constant burning pain right down my leg. Afer the cast came off they did more x-rays and found that only the L4,L5 level had taken so it was back into hospital for another operation to fuse L5,S1. This was done in February 1992. But still it did not change the constant pain I was getting. The surgeon said there was no more he could do.

My G.P. then sent me off to another specialist for a second opinion. I spent another 6 weeks in hospital with further tests, x-rays and Cortisone injections. They finally said that there was no more they could do except send me to a pain clinic so that I could learn to live with the pain.

Whilst waiting to go to the pain clinic I was sent to see another doctor in Dubbo that handles chronic pain sufferers. He put me on M.S. Contin 60mg B.D. (which is a slow release morphine sulphate tablet) as well as Morphine oral mixture 30mls PRN for break through pain relief.

I went to the Northside pain clinic in Sydney in January 1993 and spent 4 weeks there. They virtually taught me how to hide the physical signs of pain such as limping and screwing up my face. The theory behind this was that no one likes to talk to people who are in pain so if you can hide the signs then at least you will have social contact with other people besides your family. They also commenced me on Tryptanol 100mgs at night and 50mg of a morning for depression as well as 200mgs of Tegretol 4 times a day. They said this would help with the nerve pain.

I carried on this way for a further 10 months. I wasn't too bad as long as I didn't do anything. I couldn't even do my housework. I had to have live in help so they could help look after my son who was only 3 at the start of all this. It put a terrible strain on my marriage. My husband moved out of our bedroom into another as I was in too much pain and the slightest movement in the bed would only cause more. Our sexual relationship had stopped altogether 2 years prior and my social life was nil. I had contemplated suicide on a number of occasions. The only thing that stopped me was my husband and son. He said we would find someone, some where who would be able to fix me.

My husband heard of a doctor in Gosford N.S.W. who had fixed a couple of people with back problems by cutting nerves, so we went to see her in November 1993. She felt that she could help me and on the first visit she attempted to cut the nerve but this had no effect. She also commenced me on some micronutrients. On the second visit 6 weeks later she injected all the scar tissue on my back with local anaesthetic and minerals - 150 injections in total. She repeated the process on the next visit and also ordered blood tests. On the next visit she said that I should have had some results to the treatments and the fact that I hadn't meant there possibly was some other cause for my pain. She referred me to a doctor and a dentist in Adelaide and ordered a cat scan of my teeth.

I flew over to Adelaide in July 1994 and saw the doctor there who was a Naturopath, Homoeopath Acupuncturist. After examination he said that I needed my mercury fillings removed as mercury affects the nervous system. He also said that he knew a doctor in the Cook Islands who would be able to fix me in a matter of weeks. I said I would go over to see him, so he arranged for me to have Iris Photography done and he sent them over to Doctor John Ray in Rarotonga. The dentist agreed that my fillings had to come out and sent me to a dentist in Sydney.

I planned to go to the Cook Islands in November 1994 so I rang Dr Ray but he was not going to be there. Instead he was going to be in Queensland in September doing a Seminar at Jeni Edgeley's "Hide Away" and that he would like to see me up there. So I made all the arrangements to spend the 3 weeks at the "Hide Away".

Now you have to understand at this time I did not know who Dr Ray really was or what he did, just that this other doctor had said he would be able to fix me. I arrived at the "Hide Away" on Friday 2nd September 1994. Dr Ray was doing his 1st Seminar that weekend and I had an appointment to see him on the Monday. I attended the Seminar on and off over the weekend as I couldn't sit for very long and also I was very sceptical about the thing he was talking about. I was trained in the conventional method of treating people and their ailments. The things Dr Ray was talking about just seemed too far fetched. Even though people were giving testimonies it just didn't seem possible. Anyway I saw Dr Ray on the Monday and he did an eye reading, commenced me on the programme and charted the points to be held. He also had me start cutting down on the Morphine I was taking as well as the Tryptanol. Over the 3 weeks I was there I had several points held with no dramatic change I felt in my condition except that I had reduced my Morphine from 60mg B.D. to 15mg B.D. and I had stopped the Tryptanol altogether. I kept thinking this is a waste of time and money but then I got this gut feeling telling me this was the way I would be healed. So I arranged with Dr Ray and Anita to go to the Cook Islands for 2 months when they returned in May 1995.

I went back home and in no time the Morphine dose went back to where it was before and after about 3 months it had gone up to 80mgs twice a day as well as the liquid form which I was taking on average twice a day which was an extra 50mgs.

My husband, son and I arrived in Rarotonga on 4/6/95. I was still slightly sceptical, my husband even more so but we felt this was our last hope. Our first appointment with Dr Ray was on the 6/6/95. He did another eye reading and said there had been a lot of change in my eyes already just from the previous point holding I had done and also because of the nutritional programme. He also commenced me on pawpaw leaf drink which is for cancer as I had a black bush in the tail bone area of the iris.

We started point holding the next day 7/6/95 on the upper level of the spinal fusion. It was murder, for 21/2 hours I was in excruciating pain with heaps of burning all in my lower back and right leg. My husband also experienced heaps of burning in his fingers. His description of it was "like having your fingers on a hot bar-b-que plate". His fingers had also gone deep into my back. He thought he was doing something wrong but apparently what had happened was that the fusion was starting to dissolve. My 7 year old son also held points on me that day and the next. The next day they worked on the same area with the same results. I didn't know if I could take it any more and felt like saying "that's it, I’ll stay like I am and go home" but I knew if I did I would be dead in a couple of years due to the Morphine. And as my husband put it "go through a couple of hours pain each day for 60 years of pleasure when it's all finished". So we kept going. I started to reduce my Morphine from 80mgs B.D. to 40mgs B.D. and I stopped taking the Orudis SR and the Tegratol. On our 3rd visit 10/6/95 the upper fusion was completely dissolved and the pain had somewhat eased.

In the next week I reduced my Morphine down to 20mg B.D. and my husband continued to work on primarily the lumbar spine region as well as some other points. Each time the pain in my back and legs got less. On the 20/6/95 Dr Ray manipulated my lower back. It went in with a "clunck" and I got this excruciating burning pain down my right leg. I screamed, I had trouble breathing, I cried and all the time I was thinking, oh...... he's made me worse, but within 10-15 minutes the pain went away. I couldn't believe it, neither could my husband. I stood up and I could bend over with only a slight grabbing in the right buttock. There was no pain down my leg at all. Dr Ray said I would get the pain back from time to time but the periods of no pain would get longer and longer and he was spot on. I had no pain for the first time in 4 years and 9 months. It lasted 2 days then it came back on and off for a couple of days then completely gone for 4 days then back for a day then gone. By the end of the 3rd week I was completely off the Morphine tablets and only took a small dose of the Morphine mixture when the pain came back. By the end of the fourth week I was only taking Panadol every now and then for aches in the lower back. With every point holding session I was getting better and better.

We have been here for 51/2 weeks now and am going home on the 14/7/95 - 2 weeks earlier than planned. I still have some work left to be done just to fine tune things up but my husband will do these at home. I am virtually out of pain 90% of the time, the rest is mainly aches and a few little niggles in the lower back. I am completely off my Morphine. I can bend over and touch my toes and turn from side to side. The black has gone from my eyes. It's great! I feel like a new person; I have a life again and it's all thanks to Dr John Whitman Ray and my devoted husband Mick.

Rarotonga, Cook Islands

I met this lady and her family in Rarotonga and was there for about a week before they returned to Australia. I remember her showing Dr John Ray her new range of motion after each pointholding session and reporting the reductions of pain medication in detail. A day or two before they left, her husband talked to me about how fantastic the pointholding had been and that he nearly could not believe that his thumb could have been that responsible for enabling his wife's healing. He was just so amazed and extremely grateful! That afternoon they went snorkelling together.. -JH


Improved airway patency with regeneration of nasal passage; personal account written by John Robert 20-3-2017

I've received three sets of cranial pointholdings now, first in 1996 then in August 2016 and just recently, February 2017.

Things are really starting to change for me now that I am doing B.E. more intensively. Doing cranial points seems to complete the potential regenerations that have been started on all other points that have already been held.

During the cranial pointholding in 2016, I re-experienced a great deal of unconsciousness, much to my disappointment at the time. ;) Now I see why this had to occur in hindsight.

I was not aware of some aspects of my personality which were inhibiting my ability to love my pain.. this was painful in itself!

During my most recent cranials in Thailand, once I realised that I was actually stopping myself from feeling by projecting my issues of 'need for control' onto others, I found I could 'let go' of that control during pointholding and experience what I needed to at the time.

This enabled my right cranial point to finish in half the time than my left one had, and with much less pain. I was very surprised.

This set the stage for the next day's work done on my top palate: I have had a high palate (according to medical understanding which is/was connected to a diagnosis of Marfan's Syndrome), and a definite central ridge therein. This ridge vanished completely by the end of it being held! It came back just a tiny bit since, but is still more or less gone.

Thing is though, that having had trouble breathing through my nose all my life (especially at night) and have worn a mouthguard at night because of bruxism, I can now breath better.

Breathing during waking hours is better too. I am now predominently a 'nose-breather'; I am generally more relaxed and a whole lot less anxious than before.

I still use the mouthguard at night but it does not fit as tightly any more; in fact it's loose because my jaw has changed shape. I think I sleep more soundly and awaken with at least one nostril clear and much more relaxed jaw muscles. I used to wake up with my jaw absolutely clenched.. it's quite a change, but I realise it is still a work in progress.

Many people from Australia travel to Thailand for special surgery, be it cosmetic or lifesaving.. I went to Thailand also but with friendly, loving help and while fully conscious, I 'operated' on myself!! I'm over the moon with gratitude!