Body Electronics: High Impact Healing

Body Electronics: High Impact Healing

Food, Nutrition & Diet

© Written by John Robert


Dr John Ray's nutrition advice in his "Patients Guide to Body Electronics", was used as a framework for this page; it has grown with many personal additions, opinions and continual updates.

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The Body Electronics Nutrition Program is based on Naturopathic Principles and the work and research of Dr. John W. Ray. Dr. Ray incorporated with this, application of the most significant research by many Medical, Nutritional and Microbiological Researchers around the world. A few of these are: Dr. Joanna Budwig, Dr. Edward Howell, Dr. Otto Warburg and Dr. Weston Price.

Please read the pages under "Nutrition Info" in the menu. The majority of these articles are from Dr. John Whitman Ray's "Patients Guide to Body Electronics". Take your time, there is a lot here; I suggest you print them.

See below:

1. General Principles for Good Nutrition

2. Generalized Supplement List for the B.E. Nutrient Saturation Program

CAUTION #1: In case of illness, check with your Medical Doctor before making any dietary changes. Some medical conditions dictate a different nutritional approach until improvement has been achieved, e.g. acute episodes of Chrone's disease or Colitis.

If you are unable to find a Body Electronics Practitioner near you, consult a Naturopath or Natural Nutritionist who understands these nutrition principles.

CAUTION #2: The following regime represents the requirements for Body Electronics. As everyone has different health challenges, there are individual variations necessary to regain health. The following therefore, is not sufficient on its own - but it is a step in the right direction.

Please also review information via other specialised nutrition websites.

Body Electronics: High Impact Healing


© Photo: Dmitry Pichugin

Body Electronics: High Impact Healing

Principles for Good Nutrition

Building a Strong Foundation for Your Life!

1Make changes to your dietary lifestyle gradually. Take your time and learn how to feed yourself well. Be happy - enjoy the process :-)

2Gradually withdraw from cigarettes, alcohol, recreational drugs, stimulating and carbonated drinks, products containing refined sugar or artificial sweeteners, all processed foods, canned meats & fish, foods containing cooked oils or fats (incl. margarine & 'shortening') and all 'fast' or 'junk' foods.

Avoid all foods, herbs and supplements that have been irradiated (there is now an industry preferred term for food irradiation: "cold pasteurization"). Any ionising radiation takes the "life" out of foods, that is it renders them nutritionally poor. Here's a link to many Food Irradiation Facts.

In my opinion, genetically engineered foods are definitely to be avoided. More on this: Dr Mercola's article and interview with Dr Huber and another article by Jeffrey M. Smith and more on genetically engineered food.

The products of either food irradiation or genetic engineering of food in my opinion, are nothing but semi-lifeless blobs of protoplasm, fit only for the landscape of a barren and distant asteroid; not to be mistaken for food.

3Drink a good amount of clean water daily, around two litres. Opinions differ regarding what is 'ideal' water, probably as a result of vested interests. From what I've seen of peoples' results, filtered unfluoridated water may be a good way to go. This can be re-energised with life-energy in a variety of ways to compensate for the processing. One of these is Ecovortek, another is Grandeur.

4Breath deeply lots of fresh, clean air. Exercise regularly: it's a part of nutrition!

5Increase consumption of nutritionally dense foods, to maximize nutrient intake.

6Obtain all essential nutrients from foods, if possible. These include enzymes, minerals, vitamins, essential proteins (amino acids), essential fats, probiotics, etc.

Add to this, supplemental foods and nutrients to make up for long-term deficiencies (see below).

7Supplemental nutrients need to come as much as possible, from natural, organic food sources.

8Cultivate the habit of eating foods that are fresh, raw and organically produced [note: eating organically grown food is an advantage if the soil is able to give a rich supply of minerals to the produce - the soil must be 'alive' too! Organically grown food also avoids many commercial chemicals used in modern farming; it is now known that increased phosphate consumption (via application of superphosphate), may have a carcinogenic effect*1]. During winter and in cases of cold body conditions, some foods can be cooked for warmth.

Obviously, some foods need cooking; it is surprising how creative you become when considering how to retain vital nutrients within foods. Heating foods which can normally be eaten raw, beyond a few degrees over blood temperature, begins to destroy these nutrients.

9Eat organic whole grain breads instead of those made with processed flour. Experiment with breads made with different grains to wheat e.g. spelt, rye, unbaked sprouted grain breads, 'sourdough' breads.

10Oils should not be heated. When manufactured and stored, they should not be exposed to air or light, and must always be kept cool. Eat flax seed oil (linseed oil) that satisfies this preparation criteria, daily. Certain types of fish oil may be more beneficial for some people.

11Eat fermented foods - experiment and learn new ways of making these delicious!

Good examples of these are Milk Kefir, Water/Herb Kefirs and Kefirkrauts (saukraut equivalents). The best place on the web I know for this 'non-commercial' information is Dominic's Kefir site. I have tasted his 'brews' and they are awesome!

12Germinate (soak in clean water 12 to 24 hours depending on temperature & size) and rinse nuts, legumes, grains and seeds before eating them.

This deactivates enzyme inhibitors and phytic acid, making digestion easier and nutrients accessible.

13Eat a larger proportion of 'alkaline producing' foods (vege's, fruit) than 'acid producing' foods (grains, meats).

14Eat vege's and fruits in season.

15Eat fruit 3 times per day for vitamin C and more, alone and away from meals (no less than 1/2 hour before meals). Other sources of vitamin C (e.g. rose hips) may be necessary for those with certain conditions, who cannot eat much fruit.

16Eat raw protein at least once per day (some say at least twice) e.g. soaked nuts, bean sprouts, raw milk or kefir, raw (marinated) fish, etc.

17Consume real salt. That is, salt which has been made in the same way as 'Celtic Sea Salt'. This still contains all the mineral content necessary to maintain health. 'Himalayan Salt' is also a good type, especially if heavy metals are an issue for you.

18Eat raw parts of a meal before the cooked parts to prevent bloating, etc.

19Consume no hot or cold drinks nor hot or cold foods - body or room temperature is ideal. This helps protect the stomach lining which in turn protects the entire nervous system via nervous connection and reflex action.

20It is advisable not to consume soy products nor many of the protein powders available today. These are difficult to digest for people with a weak pancreas, which includes just about everyone. The result of this is a build up of 'muco-protein' within interstitial space (undigested protein and carbohydrate stuck between cells throughout the body). The only way to get this out is to use highly concentrated enzymes to digest it out gradually.

There may be other negative factors associated with soy as well - a web search on this might reveal some insights.

21Cleanse the body of toxic elements including heavy metals, parasites, detrimental bacteria and muco-protein. This might include the replacement of amalgam fillings with non-toxic composites together with a comprehensive heavy metal detoxification program.

22Ideal Cooking vessels: use oven-proof glass, stainless steel, cast iron, porcelain (unscratched & unchipped) or the relatively new 'stoneware' types.

23When cooking use: steaming, grilling, poaching; no frying. Never use a microwave oven (look up the history and research! Here's a good article by Lita Lee and another one here by Dr George Georgiou).

24Have a happy, social attitude at the meal table; minimize television while eating.

25Use herbal toothpaste or a 50/50 mixture of bi-carbonate of soda and celtic sea salt dissolved in water as a 'toothpaste' - no fluoride, flavours or other chemicals. A 1:9 dilution of 6% (20vol.) hydrogen peroxide also make a good, safe mouthwash and aids in tooth decay prevention.*2

26In cases of food 'allergies' or reactivity to certain foods, obviously one needs to avoid those reactive foods until the problem gradually heals. In cases of any type of allergy, it might be beneficial to learn about other nutrition research. Examples are the 'Metabolic Typing Diet' and 'The Blood Type Diet'.

[In my personal experience with the Blood Type Diet, the complete Body Electronics program seems to take care of problems associated with eating certain 'forbidden' foods. Avoidance of a problem food is important only until bodily regeneration pertaining to the allergy, is attained - personal opinion only.]

27Clothing: wear clothes with natural fibres, e.g. cotton, linnen, wool. No synthetic fibres, e.g. polyester, rayon. Wear no black or red colours - these do not encourage healing.

28This is a huge list! I repeat: take your time. If you get stressed about it all, stop. Get accustomed to where you've got to. Enjoy that level of knowledge and feeling of well-being you've gained. Congratulate yourself!

The above seems very 'strict'. Please don't become fanatical about diet. As Dr. John Ray used to say: as very important a foundation nutrition is to the healing process, it is only 10% of the picture.

Your unconscious thoughts are stressing you enough already. No need to add to it with anxiety over food. Enjoy your good food, regardless.

*1 Book: "Cancer: Cause & Cure; A 20th Century Perspective" by Percy Weston 2000; weblink:

*2 Book: "The Smile Method How To Avoid Expensive, Painful and Disfiguring Gum Surgery And Dentures" by Vasilios Gardiakos, 2nd ed. 1997, Enosis Press, Chicargo USA. Weblink:

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Body Electronics: High Impact Healing

Papaya (Pawpaw)

© Photo: Olga Shelego

Body Electronics: High Impact Healing

Food Supplements for More Vitality
& Body Electronics

1Grow Sensitive Leaf Plant (Mimosa Humilis or Mimosa Pudica - a tropical/subtropical plant) if possible. Drink a cup of tea twice daily. Use about 16 leaves for two cups of strong yellow tea, boiling for 20-30 minutes. This helps the central nervous system.

2Grow Gotu Kola (also called Pennywort or Arthritis Plant). Eat two leaves 2-3 cm diameter each morning. If unable to grow it, use a recommended brand of the dried herb.

3Have a Pawpaw (Papaya) 'smoothy' twice daily: take 1/4 Mature Green Pawpaw, blend skin, flesh and seeds with other fruit to taste.

Mature green pawpaw products and supplementary protease enzymes are generally contra-indicated for women who are pregnant or are attempting pregnancy. Women in either of these situations would be better off leaving Body Electronics until a more convenient time.

4Eat Pawpaw seeds regularly to help the colon eliminate (included in smoothy). Also mix a teaspoon of Psyllium hulls with water and drink each morning before food.

5Take recommended vitamin B's only as directed by B.E. practitioner. Niacin 'flush' only to be added with sufficient vitamin B intake.

6Take a preferred amount of Schweitzer Formula two to three times daily and spray on body during the niacin flush.

8Take recommended Enzymes with and/or away from food as directed.

9Take recommended Minerals as directed.

10Take recommended Probiotics with each meal.

11Take recommended Flax Seed Oil as directed along with enzymes (especially lipases) and raw protein.

12Take recommended Raw Protein to supplement food sources two to three times a day.

13There are a number of herbs/foods that may be necessary for individual differences.

14Nutrition for the mind: Read all literature and listen to all tapes/videos/cd's available on the subject of Body Electronics. Understanding is the key.

Note 1: As a Body Electronics participant, it is important to use only the recommended brands of food supplements. This is because only the purest, highest quality supplements actually encourage healing to the degree that Body Electronics is capable of producing.

Note 2: This might sound a lot of things to 'take', but it can be streamlined to accomodate work and different lifestyles fairly easily. The new healthy routines become habitual after a while.

Note 3: Nutrition, being only 10% of the healing regime, is the first 10%. That is, without it there is no bodily regeneration - no eye colour change (we want eye colour change).

It is therefore worth every cent/penny/etc spent and every lifestyle change, to make certain that all the goodies are present in the body so that the application of Body Electronics will be effective.

This is your responsibility - with knowledge gained through Body Electronics you can have better control of your health and life.

...But don't panic about it! :-)

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