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1Amongst its many advantages, the Body Electronics Program is a very comprehensive system for detoxifying the body.

Besides the physical benefits explained below, Body Electronics pointholding sessions help people to 'detoxify' unconscioius emotional and mental dilemmas, issues or beliefs which may otherwise hold them in detrimental behavioral patterns.

When these are released with the Laws of Love and Light, toxins within the body which have been associated with such patterns may be more easily released.

The abundance of natural nutrients in the Body Electronics nutritional program, helps to neutralise these toxins and remove them from the body. Special consideration however, must be given to the removal of heavy metals.

It may be seen in theory then, that with careful supervision and education, rehabilitation from addictions may be more comprehensively and permanently accomplished through the application of Body Electronics. Remember however, that Body Electronics is a way of life, not a 'quick fix'.

2The nutrients in the program work together to detoxify and therefore purify the body.

1Give the body what it needs in abundance, and it will use these raw materials to start healing itself. The first thing it will do is to start to "clean house"!

2Of the food supplements, the enzymes (over & above those used to digest food, etc.), and minerals, together form an "alkalizing detoxification agent" to quote Dr. John Ray, which helps the body clean itself out in all areas.

3The other supplements support and enhance this process. Body Electronics pointholding accelerates this through the practical application of Love and Light, so that areas in the body regenerate with the subsequent increased ability to detox. In the areas corresponding to these in the eyes, there may be seen changes towards clarity, possibly even within a matter of hours.

4This gradual process of detoxification is matched by an equally gradual process of increasing access of body tissues to all essential nutrients including oxygen. The areas of the body hitherto starved of these, equating to the more unconscious areas prior to pointholding, are gradually incorporated within growing conscious areas. The goal of this is to gradually 'wake up' the whole body to enthusiasm, flooding it at the cellular level with all necessary nutrients and ridding it of all toxicities, thus diminishing potential for illness.

5Body Electronics is not the final word on detox. There are often situations where a series of colonic irrigations are recommended by practitioners to help the mechanical removal of built-up toxins from the colon. Given average nerve supply to the colon, it could be a great help for most people anyway. Colonic Irrigation done carefully, fits in with Body Electronics quite well.

6Other physical therapies may be necessary and/or desired to maximize nerve supply and blood circulation and, to encourage normal body processes in detoxification. These include chiropractic or osteopathic adjustments and therapeutic massage.

3Words of CAUTION:

1In my opinion, the idea that the more a person detox's the more healthy they become, may be inaccurate in certain circumstances. For example, if a person is on the Body Electronics nutrition program, which is already has a detox effect, then they should be very careful of recommendations for doing other detox regimens at the same time. Enthusiasm for detox may be a good thing, but over-enthusiasm may be harmful.

2Any "one size fits all" detox program, for example herbal regimens for colonic cleansing, might be too fierce for some individuals. That is, a healing crisis might cause more discomfort than the individual can cope with. Therefore it would be sensible to begin such a regimen gradually.

The Body Electronics nutritional program is started gradually for this reason. As the level of nutrition rises in the body, healing crises occur once the body has been fortified generally, so that it becomes easier to cope with the detoxification discomfort. The body and mind become stronger and more resilient as a result.

3Any detox program which involves "fasting" (i.e. a reduction to intake of healthy food) may be suspect, in my opinion. From a Body Electronics perspective, fasting of this type denudes the body of nutrients and results in a loss of nerve supply to all tissues. This might bring about a "good feeling", but it is an erroneous assumption that this "good feeling" means good health. That is, it could mean 'numbness'. For the purpose of bodily regeneration, nerves must be fed consistently, to maintain their full function. An exception to this, is when the body is producing a fever for self-healing.

There is a time and place for fasting, but only the wisdom gained from understanding and experiencing properly managed healing crises, can be the educator here.

4What about heavy metals?

A Toxic Time Bomb!

We are rapidly reaching a global depressive illness explosion at least partly due to toxicity from and hypersensitivity to heavy metals! Most significant of these metals are: Mercury, Arsonic, Lead, Aluminium, Cadmium, Tin, Berillium and Nickel.

1In cases of chronic exposure to heavy metals, I assume that the principles of detoxification would be similar to those related to an acute exposure from an accident many years previously. Methyl-mercury has a half-life of 25 years according to Dr. John Ray, and 18-22 years in the brain according to Sugita (1978 in Ziff, 1986, p80). Whatever the half-life, it is academic.. it will out-live our bodies and ruin our abilities unless we do something about it.

2Due to (possibly) politically motivated medical/dental ignorance of this problem, research has been slow. I believe it is now beginning to gather momentum as concern grows... especially with diseases such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Autism and Multiple Sclerosis becoming more common world-wide. There are now many books and websites available on this subject which offer varying protocols for detoxification. has some very useful information about a blood test for hypersensitivity to particular heavy metals, including those which are a part of amalgam fillings. This is called the "Melisa Test" and it is available in Australia now, at Pathlab Laboratories in Melbourne. See the Melisa site for relevant laboratories elsewhere in the world.

5So what can you do about heavy metals?

1If you are wanting to start Body Electronics, some practitioners have advised the attention to dental and heavy metals issues first.

This involves amalgam filling removal by a specialist dentist and detox regimens to remove as much heavy metals from the body as soon as possible. This is a costly and an arduous enough process to go through on its own. No need to stress yourself with Body Electronics as well.

Having said that, there maybe situations when Body Electronics may be a priority. An eye analysis by a competent Body Electronics practitioner is the only way to find this out.

Regarding Body Electronics, a question arises: is it possible to transmute amalgam fillings in pointholding sessions? As far as I am aware, there has only been one person in the world who has done this. He began Body Electronics with many amalgam fillings and, after one of many sessions, had transmuted all the fillings, regenerating all his teeth to perfection (a very cheap and perfect dental job!). So we know that this is possible... but highly improbable in the majority of people. That is, it may not be wise to expect this.

2In my opinion, it is difficult to detox heavy metals from the body when there are those same metals implanted in one's mouth... Research has shown that the metals slowly vapourize in the mouth and travel to other parts of the body.

Other possible routes of intoxication are: invasion of the blood stream via vaccinations, application of metal-carrying skin creams, airborne contamination in industrial areas and occupational accident. It makes no difference how metals have found their way into the body. A detox process in my opinion, must be as comprehensive as possible yet, as gentle as practical.

3Removing the source of toxicity is the first step. This gives the body a chance to start removing those similar metals.

Apart from dental work, analyse your lifestyle for any intake of metals, and stop any behavior or habit that encourages it. That is, don't use anything on your skin which contains metals (e.g. some brands of anti-itch cream have contained mercury and arsenic, at least in the past to my knowledge); don't put anything metal in your mouth (e.g. roofing nails which contain cadmium, if you're a builder); check the contents of vaccines with your doctor before you make the decision whether to receive them or not (e.g. "thimerosal" = 50% methyl mercury by weight).

4You will need to find a trusted dentist with a 'bio-compatible' and holistic approach to their work. There are protocols to be followed in amalgam removal which protect both client and dental staff from increased toxicity during removal. Graham Bennett has written a very good article on this on his website called, "12 Points on Mercury Amalgam Removal Protocol".

5The most important thing you can do right now, is educate yourself about the whole process of amalgam removal and heavy metal detox methods. Find a dentist who practises the correct and safe removal protocol. The dental practice might be able to help you with pathology tests and a detox regimen, or they might know other health professionals who can.

Once you empower yourself with understanding of what to expect, you may feel better about asking questions of health professionals. Outcomes may then become more positive for you.

If you are doing or have done Body Electronics, you might find that you need to negotiate to use the supplements you are on because the professionals concerned may not know them, and are used to clients using their recommendations.

If you haven't already, you might like to read the following articles:

·"12 Points On Mercury Toxicity"
by the late Dr. John Whitman Ray and

·"12 Points On Amalgam Removal Protocol"
by Graham Bennett N.D.

·The International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology has some good information about amalgam removal also.

6Diet: in my understanding, heavy metal toxicity can create or exacerbate nutritional deficiencies and sensitivities. For example, although sulpur foods (especially eggs) are exceptionally helpful in removing metals from body tissues, not all people can tolerate them. Another thing I found is that heavy metals produce an environment in the gut which encourages the growth of candida. These types of problems need to be addressed in any nutritional detox program on an individual basis.

In principle however, and if food intolerances are not an issue, a relative abundance of saturated fat, sulphur foods and high amounts of protein and fibre in one's diet, may be a contributing answer to this long-term dilemma.

This seems like very UNpolitically correct eating! Fancy 4-6 eggs per day and fatty lamb chops for dinner?.. supplemented with coconut oil, avocados and lots of raw vege's, especially the green leafy's. Please research this carefully for your own situation.

7There are many heavy metal detox products on the market now, which is reflection of the growing awareness of this world-wide problem. The trick is to find the best that is suited to you and your lifestyle.

1One product you may want to research, is Oral Chelation. This was formulated by the late Roy Kupsinel M.D. and is now marketed by Extreme Health USA. Dr. Roy Kupsinel was a friend and colleague of both Dr. Douglas Morrison and Dr. John Ray.

2Dr. Isaac Eliaz has formulated a product called PectaSol® Chelation Complex™. There seems to have been some reliable medical research to support this product's efficacy also.

3Stabilised Oxygen has always been a part of the Body Electronics Program. It has been supplied to the world for over 100 years as a 28-32% solution of sodium chorite. I have used it since I began Body Electronics in 1995, to great benefit. I was taught to add drops of it to water, relying on my stomach acid to transform it to the active agent chlorine dioxide, in minute amounts.

It works synergistically with other components of the program to detoxify a host of impurities, thus allowing the body to be more oxygenated. But as an oxidant, it needs to be used separately to the many anti-oxidant components of the program.

Stabilised Oxygen was discovered to be useful in many other ways by a very competent engineer and gold prospector at the time Jim Humble, starting in the mid 1990's. He and a team of enthusiasts extensively researched and found many benefits including reducing one's heavy metal load significantly. So if you wish to explore Jim's protocols here is a good place to start your research. Jim's latest book is essential so you understand all the cautions involved. Please don't rush into using it. Research it properly. Be careful and gradual with yourself. That is your responsibility. It is easy to get into a very uncomfortable healing crises if one does not proceed correctly and, a healing crisis is not desirable in this case anyhow.

Please bare in mind that most detox products are not a 'magic formula' that does it all on its own. Personally, I use the Body Electronics Nutritional Program as a basic guide, including the supplement program at a maintenance level. I then add to this, my choice of product.


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