Body Electronics: High Impact Healing

Body Electronics: High Impact Healing

Purpose Of Body Electronics

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1To gradually bring about self-realisation for participants, the product of which is gradual reversal of their illnesses and disabilities, through education for self-help.

2To enable people to reach their maximum potential in every aspect of life physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

3To enable individuals to take responsibility for their lives through the understanding and application of Universal Laws of Love, Light and Perfection, so they can be more creative in constructive ways.

4To enable constuctive and ethical relationship between people and, between people and their environment.

5To help raise the level of community health and understanding of the human reactive condition, through gradual education and the growing numbers of individual self-healings.

6To enable individuals to grow towards mastery of life using the necessary sequential steps to understanding, as formulated by the founder of Body Electronics, Dr JW Ray. These include:

Body Electronics Nutritional Program

Body Electronics Pointholding

Cranial Electronics

Body Electronics Instructor Training

Visualization & Consciousness Study & Application (21 Steps)

Experience of the Time-Space-Continuum-Warp

7The ultimate direction and purpose of Body Electronics is the transcendence of human reactive conditioning and the fulfillment of spiritual beingness.

Purpose Of This Site

1To give free introductory information regarding the self-healing process of Body Electronics.

2To offer support to individuals in their quest for better health, especially for those who are interested in participating in Body Electronics.

3To educate the general public as to the existence and potential of Body Electronics.