Body Electronics: High Impact Healing

Body Electronics: High Impact Healing

FAQ #1

"Why Would I Need Body Electronics?

I'm Sure There's A Physical Or Nutritional
Remedy For My Health Problem!"

© Written by John Robert

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Speaking from a knowledge of healing principles together with my experiences in medical nursing, here's my response:

Actually, you may be helped nutritionally. Body Electronics educates people to an individualized nutritional program, which I believe is second to none. On its own, this may help to some degree if nutrition has been lacking for some time.

But if supplying all the required nutrients in forms that the body can absorb and utilize, was the only answer in everyones' cases, we would have already seen that the many illnesses and disabilities plaguing humanity today, would be things of the past.

So providing excellent nutrition to the body is a part of the story, not all of it.

Heavy metals and other toxins may create havoc in the body. The metals must be dealt with as soon as possible, preferrably before the application of Body Electronics.

Most importantly, as a result of disability or illness, involved organs or other areas of the body often have reduced nerve supply and blood circulation, causing limited access of nutrients to these areas. These may also have altered function due to calcifications or other pathological changes.

Now, here's the thing: From experience, I don't believe that there can be true and permanent healing on the physical level i.e. complete tissue renewal, by manipulating the physical substance or structure of the body alone. It doesn't matter what you might do to your body medically, or how much you balance the body with any number of balancing techniques that are available today, this two part problem still remains:

1) How do you get good nutrition into the debilitated areas of the body naturally, so they become oxygenated and improve function?

2) Beyond this, how do you totally regenerate, i.e. completely renew, damaged tissue?

Body Electronics solves both these dilemmas:

For the nutrients to get to the damaged tissues, we need to get the whole metabolic and communication pathways to those tissues, repaired.

That is, all the body's organs need to be functioning well; all the glands need to be working to produce the necessary hormones which communicate with digestive and other organs, to regulate body functions, digest the food properly, absorb the nutrients and distribute them to the tissues; the blood circulation has to be working well and, to maintain this the nerve supply has to extend to all the cells.

This then, necessitates healing of the whole body. And here's how we do that:

Nutrition in...

Toxins out...

Education about body-mind principles...

Apply the principles using Body Electronics, which gradually renews any non-functioning body structures along all metabolic and communication pathways...

Function follows structure; everything starts working again...

- Simple!

OK, so what are these body-mind principles?

Here's a very short explanation from my view:

The mind is our tool which we use to control our bodies and all our interactions in the physical world. It consists of an emotional part and a mental part: the mental governing the emotional, determines the physical.

When a person is in anything less than a fully conscious state, for example during a traumatic incident, the body records and thereafter obeys, any situation experienced during such a period of time. The unconscious memories formed, are recorded in the forms of thoughts (sensory), feelings (emotional) and spoken words (commands e.g. "I can't walk properly").

These traumatic memories are recorded at the cellular level and can be passed on genetically. Such memories literally alter the structure and function of cells in the body and, an individual's behavior. For example, they can manifest as a loss of function causing a chronic illness or an inability to (say) "walk properly".

To undo this predicament, Body Electronics allows individuals to re-discover these memories and un-program them (not re-program). This is done by simultaneous application of Body Electronics pointholding, nutrient saturation, and the Principles of Love, Light and Perfection.

During this dynamic activity, the body's 'template' on the mental level, is gradually renewed relative to the un-programming of the memories. Structure and function returns to the body according to the new template.

This process is the same, whether used in relation to an inherited health problem or one produced within an individual's own lifetime.

Healing therefore, is a very individual thing: you and I have our own emotional and mental "cause" which will produce our own style of "effect" or physical problem. This is entirely individual to each and every person. Little wonder, that medical research is so tedious and costly; a one-size-fits-all permanent remedy for each medical problem is therefore, an infinitely long way off.

Body Electronics works NOW.

It is based upon Principles of Life, common to all!

We all live and we can all Love, so Body Electronics can benefit many. Consider other positive ramifications of loving our painful memories; this might just improve our whole approach to living and relating to each other... but that is a larger story!

Nutrition, the physical body, emotional and mental aspects of living all have important roles to play in the healing process.

Keeping the mind 'in the loop' of this body mind healing process as Body Electronics does, I believe enables the most effective, permanent and natural solution to illness and disability available today.