Body Electronics:
High Impact

"The ultimate ignorance is the rejection of something you know nothing about and refuse to investigate."

- Dr. Wayne Dyer

Body Electronics Australia

Discover How To Heal Your Body,
Prevent Illness And Master Your Life


The High Impact Healing Method

Learn Ancient Healing Principles Rediscovered
In Our Time To Heal Your Body & Your Life

Expanding the Limits of Human Understanding through the Experience of Self-Healing

What Might Body Electronics Do For You?

  • Give you life-long skills for healing your body naturally
  • Increase your level of health to far beyond normal
  • Help to bullet-proof your immunity
  • Help you heal from chronic pain or illness
  • Prevent the trauma of future hospital visits, surgery, etc.
  • Increase your awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Help you lead a much happier life!

What Makes Body Electronics Different From Other Healing Methods?

Body Electronics:-

  • Is not a treatment
  • Is a group or community based process
  • May help with injury, genetic & other disorders
  • Recognises levels of health beyond what is considered normal
  • Includes physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of living...

Dear Friend,

Body Electronics could be called an alternative medicine in the general sense of it being good for you, but it is not "Medicine" in any professional sense. Body Electronics operates with an entirely different paradigm to western medicine and may therefore seem 'upsidedown' to what most people comprehend.

Body Electronics supports the whole body naturally, allowing the body to heal itself according to concurrently applied Universal Laws of physical, emotional and mental healing.

Body Electronics is based on living and healing principles, rather than chemistry alone. If scientific research is interpreted correctly, it supports the principles of Body Electronics and offers further understanding.

Body Electronics is a self-healing lifestyle. It might complement western medicine, but this may only be true when there is understanding of Life's healing principles and support for participants of Body Electronics by all concerned.

Results with Body Electronics often show obvious improvements in body structure and function. Many dramatic changes that I have seen including my own (sometimes disbelieved), have indeed been inspiring!

In a world where health information can conflict, within and between disciplines, Body Electronics brings to light a refreshing viewpoint gained by one's own first hand experience.

This is the 'big guns' of self-healing, so it demands your abilities to listen, and diligently apply the principles of Life to your body and mind. When approaching this information with an open mind and heart, possibilities for your life may become endless!

The power of Body Electronics can also help you heal potential health problems... so you can age very gracefully indeed!

Unlike most healing methods, Body Electronics requires personal committment of effort, time and resources for ongoing self-education and consistent application of principles.

If you feel that you have enthusiasm for this, start learning about your body, mind and healing now... follow your heart, and use your mind.

I wish you well for your healing journey.

John Robert
Gold Coast, Australia

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P.S. Please read my Disclaimer & Other Ideas. It is more than just legal stuff. I wrote it from experience with Body Electronics and I mean every word.