Body Electronics: High Impact Healing

Body Electronics: High Impact Healing

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Body Electronics Links:

NB: the following sites are those which I find are making a contribution to the purposes of Body Electronics.
I list them for your information only. I do not necessarily endorse them nor any written or verbal claims or statements made by their owners or authors.

Peter Aziz (UK)
B.E. Instructor & Author
Shamanic perspective

Illia Lang (Canada)
B.E. Instructor

Peter Hinde (UK)
B.E. Instructor & Author

Graham Bennett (NZ)
B.E. Instructor

Markus Lamla (Germany)
B.E. Practitioner

Leonore Gierlichs (Germany)
B.E. Instructor

Jeremy Holt (Australia)
B.E. Practitioner & blogger

Robert T. Stevens (USA)
B.E. Instructor, Author

Anonymous (Australia)
B.E. Participant

Body Electronics: High Impact Alternative Healing

Body Electronics Forums:

Jeremy Holt's inspirational page: Open group for musings on "Body Electronics" as taught by John Whitman Ray

Illia Heart's group page: This Body Electronics group page provides education & preparations required to participate in Body Electronics Pointholding Intensives with Illia.

Body Electronics: High Impact Alternative Healing

Nutrition, Foods & Supplements:

Enzymes International (USA)
Enzymes, Minerals & more
- Schweitzer Formula -

Grainfields (Australia)
Probiotics &
Free Amino Acids

Grainfields (USA)
Grainfields USA LLC

Lifestyle Enzymes (Australia)
'Genuine Enzymes'

Stabilised Oxygen
for water purification

Flax Seed Oils (Australia)
Stoney Creek Oil Products

Cellyte Minerals (Australia)
Crystalloid Minerals & Greens
(Dr JW Ray/Dr M Halliday)

Body Electronics: High Impact Alternative Healing

Dental & Toxicology Links:

Mercury Environmental Health
Database & Forum

Melisa Medica Foundation
Metal Hypersensitivity Test

International Academy of
Oral Medicine & Toxicology

Eric Davis Dental
Holistic Dental & Detox Practice
Redcliff Pen. Brisbane

Dr Gammal, Dr Patel & Assoc.
BioCompatible Dentistry Info & Prac.

Australians for
Mercury Free Dentistry

Dr. El-essawy (UK)
Holistic Dental Practice

List of Biological
Dentists in Autralia

Body Electronics: High Impact Alternative Healing

Nutrition Information Links:

Weston A. Price Foundation
Wise Traditions in Food,
Farming & Healing.

Australasian College of Nutritional
& Environmental Medicine

includes medical referral list

Raw Paleolithic Diets
'Vinny' (ex B.E. participant
& B.E. commentator)

Dr. Johanna Budwig's
Healing Diet & Protocol

Body Electronics: High Impact Alternative Healing

Related Topics:

Biofeedback Emotional Clearing

Kyle Grimshaw-Jones (Australia)
Naturopath, Practitioner of
Sustained Accupressure

Diana Hutchison (Sth. Australia)
Psychologist, Life Coach & Author

Body Electronics: High Impact Alternative Healing

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