Body Electronics: High Impact Alternative Healing

Body Electronics: High Impact Healing

A Growing Professional Interest

or,   A Personal Healing Journey...

Dear Friend,

The following is a little about myself and how I became interested in Body Electronics.

I was working as a Photographer at Flinders University (in Adelaide), spending most of my time in the darkrooms. Like many people, my healing journey began with an illness.

During 1981 I was told I had glandular fever but although I recovered OK, it took a lot longer than expected. I began to explore health through nutrition and yoga, with great benefit. I learned healthy habits which stuck for many years.

A few years later, I decided I needed more out of life than what the darkroom could offer.

My interest in health grew, and after a leap of faith and 3 years study, I was a Registered Nurse. I had seen a lot more of life, but nursing still didn't 'do it' for me.

After about eighteen months, health problems (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome undiagnosed since 1981) restricted my abilities in nursing, which quickly came to an end.

With no understanding of this actual problem, I continued study and gained a diploma in Remedial Massage and received a graduate diploma of Health Counselling at the University of S.A. I worked as a Medical Orderly for a while at the Flinders Medical Centre, before landing my best hospital job as an Assistant in the Physiotherapy Department.

As a Physio' Assistant, I worked mainly with neurological patients. Assisting them out of bed for the first time after they'd suffered a stroke for example, and helping them with exercises was a big part of my job.

Slowly growing in me over some years and peaking after about 3 months in this job, was a feeling of confusion about the directions of the health care industry and my involvement in it. Especially, I could see all the conflicting opinions within the medical and complementry healing worlds, and a nagging thought in my mind that no healing method actually did much.

So I put in a request to the 'Universal Intelligence', and asked with all the definity I could muster: "Show me the truth about Life and health... right now!"

Not long after this, I was visiting a Naturopath who was helping me detox' following removal of all the amalgam fillings from my teeth (1994-5). I found a stray pamphlet in the waiting room about an introductory seminar on Body Electronics. I attended this seminar in Adelaide during March 1995... and was hooked! What I was learning from Body Electronics was the road out of my confusion. How's that for a Universal response?

Working with people who could possibly benefit more from Body Electronics, than what was available to them in the hospital, was very frustrating for me. To cut a long story short, I lasted in that role only 3 more months, then flew to the Cook Islands (Rarotonga) to learn from Dr. John Ray and his partner Anita, in their clinic. I spent 5 weeks there pointholding twice a day, 4-5 days a week. What an eye-opener! I wouldn't have missed this... what I called at the time, my 'baptism of fire', for all the riches in the world!

Returning to Sydney then heading north to Nerang (Gold Coast), I met up with John and Anita for the Iridology and Sclerology seminars. I met them and another instructor Douglas Morrison again, at the famous 'Genazzano' at Yungaburra on the Atherton Tableland, for the 6 week Instructor's Seminar (Jan-Feb. 1996). If that wasn't enough, I spent months holding points in Lismore (northern NSW) and then moved to the Gold Coast where I assisted in 2 more Body Electronics groups as a facilitator...

For 10 years, I lived in or around Brisbane. My work on and off, has been as a personal carer for adults with spinal injuries, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy and other disabilities.

Dr. John Ray came to live on the Gold Coast in 2000. I attended and helped out by taking eye-photos for a couple of his seminars. It was during one pointholding intensive at that time, that my breathing improved suddenly to my current ability: 70% improvement. I may still be asthmatic, but the healing of my breathing was the one thing that I had least expected. I was so accustomed to the way it was, that I had no need for it to heal - funny that :-) I wrote a testimonial about this.

Inspired by John Ray's presence, I completed a few study units of the Diploma of Nutrition at the Australian College of Natural Medicine in Brisbane. I was hoping to complete a qualification in either Naturopathy or Nutrition, to support my desire to be a Body Electronics instructor.

One of the 'catch-cries' of Body Electronics is: "Never give in and never give up". This is my intention. But it also takes understanding, patience and sorting out medical and naturopathic knowledgde in relation to one's own health.

In August 2009, I finally moved back to Adelaide, from which time I was the primary carer for my mother for two years.

Now late 2015, after further attempted study in massage and naturopathy which was not successful, and further health issues which continue to hamper such endeavours, I have been given another probable medical diagnosis. The prognosis which followed was absolutely shocking.

This has explained for me many health problems throughout my life with more accuracy than before. It has also brought to my awareness a condition of a more critical nature, such that I am now determined to find urgent help from old friends and new, by way of Body Electronics Pointholding.

So now I'm on the move again.. out of South Australia.. to who knows where - following enthusiastic pointholders.. as a participant only.

Update, June 2017:

Pointholding reduced after a few months as my friends became more busy with businesses and families (as is normal). So I travelled to England to do some pointholding with Peter Hinde and attend a 2 week intensive with Peter Aziz. The latter Peter held another intensive in Thailand a few months ago which I also attended.


The benefits of all this pointholding have been mainly emotional, such that I feel liberated and enthusiastic about creating a permanent income for myself. As a result of the last cranial session in Thailand, I can now breath nasally a lot more easily while asleep; I also have about twice the amount of energy available to me!

I'm not going to England again this year, but travel might well be a continual part of this wonderful healing journey..

John Robert