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Fire Water: Australia's Industrial Fluoridation Disgrace began with a request for a single interview and ended up as a full documentary that includes insights from a wide variety of featured speakers nineteen full interviews. In August 2010, citizens from Geelong, Victoria requested the services of independent filmmaker Jaya Chela Drolma, via freelance writer Daniel Zalec, in order to record the personal account of a single fluoride sufferer. Jaya agreed. Filming began in September. Daniel also agreed to come on board as Researcher/Writer. Geelong, being a recent high-profile forced fluoridation battleground, safe water advocates in this regional city were not hard to come by.

After discussions with local advocates and potential interviewees, it was decided that the wealth of knowledge and experience from potential interviewees was too valuable to not take advantage of. Australian content on this issue is relatively sparse; and, the Fire Water project is completely unique in terms of vision and delivery. Further filming was organised immediately. Following filming in other areas of country Victoria, the project moved to Queensland another recent fluoridation battleground; then, to New South Wales and South Australia. By this stage it had been decided that not only would a full documentary be produced and made available for free YouTube view (and DVD sale), but that the film would be accompanied by all interviews, accessible online and referenced in their entirety. The reasons for this decision, along with an explanation of certain other production details, are outlined in the PRESS KIT (see Director Statement; Production Notes).

Fire Water was entirely funded by donations from members of the Australian community who object to the practice of forcing toxic industrial waste into public drinking water supplies. This included donated time by creative professionals, equipment loaning and financial assistance (see PRESS KIT, Production Notes). Beyond this inner core group of individuals, the project was kept completely secret until launch day (i.e. Feb 14th 2011). Fire Water provides a rare platform for a range of individuals, each opposed to mandatory water fluoridation, to have a voice on this issue. Fire Water is a damning indictment of Australian fluoridation enforcers at the government and bureaucratic levels, the vested interests behind these authorities and their media cronies, who either sycophantically parrot the official line or ignore the issue entirely.

This documentary pulls no punches a groundbreaking and important edition to the great Australian fluoridation fightback. It should serve as an infoweapon, informing the public and shaming those who continue to promote forced fluoridation against all scientific, medical and ethical principles. For those who know the dark truth of water fluoridation, the corporate, bureaucratic and government spin and corruption, is an all-pervasive stench that can no longer be tolerated by any rational individual. One thing is for certain: If you were largely unaware of the fluoridation fraud, after watching Fire Water, you will never look at your glass of tap water the same way, ever again. For those currently campaigning against fluoridation, Fire Water shall serve as fresh ammunition for the fight.

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Body Electronics: High Impact Healing

Fluoridation of Mt Gambia, South Australia;
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Body Electronics: High Impact Healing

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Body Electronics: High Impact Healing


The Maui News - Sunday March 6 1988

© from "Patient's Guide to Body Electronics" by Prof. Dr. Sir John Whitman Ray (1994)

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Due to the misinformation and apparent widespread ignorance concerning the subject of water fluoridation as indicated in the media, I believe it is imperative to establish the facts regarding this emotionally charged issue and by so doing, set the record straight:

1One of the world's most prestigious journals "Nature" (Vol.322, July 10 1986) answers the fluoridation questions more than satisfactorily. An examination of fluoridation trials and studies in the United States and throughout the world show that, "Large temporal reductions in dental decay... cannot be attributed to fluoridation. It is now time for a scientific re-examination of the alleged enormous benefits of fluoridation."

2Dr R.N. Mukherjee and Dr. F.H.Sobels from the University of Leiden in Holland found that fluoride increased the frequency of genetic damage in sperm cells which were produced by laboratory animals exposed to X-rays. It is evident, from their studies that fluoride inhibited the repair of DNA damaged by X-rays. Their conclusion: "Sodium fluoride resulted in a consistent and highly significant increase of the mutation (i.e. genetic damage) frequency. This effect is thought to result from interference with a repair process."

3Dr. S.I. Voroshilin and co-workers from the Russian Research Institute of Industrial Health & Occupational Diseases concluded, "It would seem to us that fluoride could cause some kind of disturbance in the enzymes that are related to the mechanism of DNA repair and synthesis."

4Dr. A. Iarez from the Department of Toxicology from Central University of Venezuela in Caracas reported that, "Fluoride added to the drinking water of female rats produced birth defects in their offspring." Those involved in birthing our children know of the huge increase in birth defects and deformities in large cities where fluoridation is used.

5Dr. Robert Carton, quoted in the Spring 1987 issue of the Centre for Health Action's publication "Update" states, "The fluoride standard was based on political pressures without any regard to the facts." We are well aware of the political pressures and controls related to the desires of vested interest.

6In this day of numerous highly contagious and death dealing immune deficiency disorders, the use of fluoridation in the water supply in any amount would be highly irresponsible and suicidal. Please note: Dr. Sheila Gibson from the University of Glasgow, showed that fluoride, at levels comparable to those found in the blood of people living in fluoridated areas, decreased migration rate of human white blood cells. This directly affects adversely the immune system. Dr. Gibson found that only a six hour exposure of white blood cells to as little as 0.1 parts per million fluoride inhibits the white blood cell migration rate by 21 per cent. One part per million inhibits the white blood cell migration by 85 per cent and 2 ppm has a conclusive 0 percent relative migration rate. This indicated that a continued use of fluoridation in the drinking water could result in the total destruction of the immune response.

7Dr. J. Gabrovsek, a research dentist at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine stated in a published paper: "Because of the inhibitory effects of NaF (sodium fluoride) in phagocytosis and leukotaxis (the migration of white blood cells) which are basic defense mechanisms, I have doubts about the absolute safety of water fluoridation on a long term basis."

8Dr. John Yiamouyiannis, author of Fluoride the Aging Factor and worldwide authority on fluoridation and its statistical relationship to cancer, has shown conclusively that fluoride damages body repair and rejuvenation capabilities and does in fact bring about the visible symptoms of aging such as wrinkled skin and arthritis. He stated, "Since the first publication of his book in 1983, a number of important articles have been published by researchers from around the world and their findings are included in this second edition. While I am gratified to know that my conclusions in 1983 have been confirmed and extended rather than disproved by the results of this new research, I feel a greater sorrow in having to watch the unnecessary suffering brought about by fluoride."

9As a physician, international health educator and seminar speaker, I have found that an individual who drinks fluoridated water reduces the ability of the body to rejuvenate and regain youthful health. I have found through the use of live blood cell analysis that those who drink fluoridated water regularly have a relatively inactive migration rate of white blood cells thus rendering their immune system ineffective.

10It is only reasonable to the candid and reflective mind that one cannot enhance the immune response and destroy it at the same time. My life work involves enhancing the body's immune response and rejuvenating capacities of the body. In the interests of our children, our friends and ourselves, we need to educate each other and expose those who would enforce the addition of a known toxic substance (sodium fluoride) to our hopefully pure water system. Every effort should be made to stop the systematic destruction of our immune response by demanding without compromise the assurance of a continual pure water supply free from the addition of toxic and cancer causing chemicals. (Before you judge this statement, get the facts, read Fluoride the Aging Factor by Dr. John Yiamouyiannis and then rest secure that you are walking on solid ground regarding the fluoridation battle.)

11Order the book Fluoride the Aging Factor by Dr.John Yiamouyiannis, Health Action Press, Taggert Rd., Delaware, OH 43015. Distribute this to your friends.

12Order "Update" from Centre for Health Action, P.O. Box 80270, Forest Park Station, Springfield, MA 01138. Order Fluoridation - a Modern Procrustean Practice by Isabel Jansen R.N. published by Isabel Jansen, R.N. / TRI-STATE press, Antigo, Wisconsin 54409, U.S.A.

John Whitman Ray
Maui Chapter
Health Watchers International

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