Body Electronics: High Impact Alternative Healing

Body Electronics: High Impact Alternative Healing

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Works by Dr. Sir John Whitman Ray:

NB: Personally, the following Book I of the Logic In Sequence Series was very challenging to understand in the beginning. Dr John Ray explained to me and others that it was written while in prayer and, in a style to purposely mask its essential meaning until the reader applies the principles with the activity of Body Electronics; then understanding grows naturally, as intended.

Logic In Sequence Book I - The Laws of Perfection

Logic In Sequence Book II - The Healing Crisis

Logic In Sequence Book III - The Electrification of Matter

Patient's Guide to Body Electronics

Body Electronics Healing Crisis Tapes Transcript  (Transcribed by John Hutchison)

Cassette Tapes may be purchased (if you still have a working cassette player) from Enzymes International

These Healing Crisis Tapes and others may be listened to/viewed on YouTube.

Important Books by Others:

Professor Antoine Béchamp   The Blood and Its Third Element

Edited and Republished by Metropolis Ink - Paperback available

Editor's Preface:

The Blood and Its Third Element