Principles Of Body Electronics

© written by John Robert

"Principles are concepts that can be applied over and over again in similar circumstances as distinct from narrow answers to specific questions. Every game has principles that successful players master to achieve winning results. So does life. Principles are ways of successfully dealing with the laws of nature or the laws of life."   - Ray Dalio 2011

1The underlying principles of Body Electronics are nothing more or less than the Principles of Life.

2They are not therefore, exclusive to Body Electronics or any other healing method, which will always be secondary in importance to the principles. Personalities, whether these be of a person, a common interest group or an organisation also come secondary to the principles.

Who was it who said: "People may come and go but principles always remain"?

3The principles are simple in design but may take some effort, self-observation and time for the individual to understand. It seems that the learning of these go hand in hand with applying them to one's own healing. Body Electronics is one way through which this can be done.

4Here is the main principle of Body Electronics, which explains the purpose for participating in this healing activity. It was given to its founder Dr John Whitman Ray, during a fully conscious meditation period when he had asked for clarity regarding why his discovery works the way it does:

"Until man can experience on the mental level that which exists on the physical level, he will be bound to the physical."   - Dr John Whitman Ray

5There are principles or laws which apply to each level, physical, emotional and mental.

1The physical principles can be understood as firstly supplying a saturation of nutrients to the body so that it can support ongoing healing crises and proper functioning. This is introduced on my Food, Nutrition & Diet page at

Secondly, the Healing Crisis provides a physical 'launching pad' from which to view the emotional and mental levels, thus enabling consciousness change which in turn, creates the renewed template for the body.

2To gain access to the emotional level, one also needs to keep the physical body still and breath deeply and regularly. The Law of Love (see below) allows access to and transmutes emotions to higher vibrational tones.

3The Law of Light (see below), gains access to the mental level, transmuting belief and uncovering duality.

6Healing is essentially a process of un-creation. Here's my way of describing it as logically as I can:

I may have an illness, injury or condition of some sort.


Does it help me? Am I grateful for it?


Hell no!     [emotional resistance]


How did it get there, in my body, in my life?


It must have been created.


Why is it there?.. or in the case of a chronic condition, why is it still there (as research has shown the body renews all its cells every 7 years)?
Why me?


It must be held in a continual state of creation.


OK, it's been created, therefore it had a cause.


Who caused it? Who's keeping it in a continual state of creation? Who's responsible for its creation? and..


Who wants it gone?


I do.


Therefore, I am resisting its presence in my life   [this continual resistance is mostly unconscious that is, below the level of awareness].


And therefore, it is my responsibility.


So if I don't want it (that is I'm resisting it), and I want to un-create it, how do I do all that?


I need to stop creating it, which means to stop resisting it.


Therefore I decide to.. Love it.


I make it OK to have it. I am willing to experience it.   [or if that doesn't feel possible, I am willing to be unwilling to have/experience it.. until I can be willing.]


I allow it to be there. I welcome it! I enjoy it!


In fact, I am willing to intensify it!


And I can even be a little grateful for it.


I am now willing to be the cause of it. Just.. be-cause.


I am willing to re-create it.. and I do.


I can now see the cause of it and be that, and make it OK.


I now understand how I created it, how I have kept creating it, how I mistakenly thought it would serve me and, how it has affected me ever since.. I can see also that the cause no longer matters; in fact, it's funny.


I created it perfectly, and my resistance to that truth kept it there. I appreciate the power I had in creating it. And I am so grateful for the opportunity to have it, and this learning experience of healing.


I can now release it. I have un-created it. It is no more.


7The Process of the above is:





8Principles contained in the above are:

Whatever is resisted, persists.


Applying non-resistance is..   Love


Which involves..   Forgiveness


Both of which help develop..   Gratitude

9There is another step to gain access to the mental level to dis-identify with each side of the duality of that particular creation or experience. That is, in the case of 'observing' and 'receiving' a word pattern or belief during the above process, the Law of Light is applied concurrently with the Law of Love.

Essentially, this is the visualisation of the colour violet in and around one's body. It could be visualised as a flame going from below the feet upwards, passing the head. It's task is to help consume cause, effect, record and memory of all past traumas. In some spiritual contexts, this has also been referred to as the Law of Grace.

Violet is the colour of highest vibration of the visible spectrum and corresponds to the level of the pineal gland and also to the emotion of enthusiasm or Love. So it helps to raise our vibration to a level where healing occurs.

If you are interested to understand this principle more thoroughly, or prefer a more spiritual context for it, the Saint Germain Foundation may be the most reputable source of information. I have deliberately kept away from describing things of a spiritual nature at this stage.

See also Graham Bennett's comprehensive explanation of duality and encompassing duality at:

10All the above is applied during Body Electronics sessions, although this understanding also influences how we view the world and can be applied in everyday life as well.

In "Logic in Sequence Book One The Laws of Perfection", Dr John Whitman Ray explains not only the above, but also what he called "The Ten Steps to Perfection". This book can be downloaded from

Here is the list of steps:

  1. Faith
  2. Virtue
  3. Knowledge
  4. Temperance
  5. Patience
  6. Brotherly Kindness
  7. Godliness
  8. Charity
  9. Humility
  10. Diligence

Whether or not these are viewed in a religious or other spiritual context is not relevant. What is important, is that they are understood and valued.

In my experience with Body Electronics, they have helped me keep a more naturally disciplined approach to life. For example, when stressed with having my emotional 'buttons' severely pushed, they have helped me maintain an even temperament and the ability to remain in present time.

From my point of view, quietly applying these principles as best one can in day to day living, can only be of benefit to both the people applying them and those with whom they relate.

This I believe helps to raise people's emotional tone, and hence that of their relationships and communities within which they live. The higher their tone, the more responsibility they can accept for their lives and experiences.

The Ten Steps may also be seen as an umbrella, under which the principles of Love and Light are applied. Thus the raising of emotional tone becomes easier and more easily sustained.

In my opinion, this is exactly what we require if we desire to heal our bodies and lives, while inadvertently supporting those around us. We are individuals yet we are all connected, perhaps in more ways than we are currently aware of.