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In 1994, when I first came into contact with Body Electronics and Dr Ray, few concepts were as elusive to me as "duality" and "encompassing duality". They seemed to be terms that were only ever defined by circular references to themselves. I now understand duality to be at the very foundation of all goods and all evils, since good and evil are a duality in themselves.

A duality is a pair of polar opposites, two mutually exclusive viewpoints, the result of taking one complete truth and breaking it into two semi-truths. Duality is a reality of this universe and everything in it; the creation of duality is responsible for this universe and for life as we know it.

Examples of dualities include simple concepts of good-bad, right-wrong, up-down, in-out, etc. That which is good is not at all bad; that which contains all of right, contains none of wrong; that which is up is in no way down, etc.

In terms of human beliefs there are also dualities such as, "I can - I can't", "I love - I don't love", "I have - I have not". We can do everything we can do and cannot do anything we cannot do, etc. Each duality then determines a set range of possible experiences that we can have, experiences about what we can and can't do, what we do or don't love, what we do or do not have. In other words, experiences manifest through choosing to have a dualistic view.

The creative nature of duality is remarkably expressed in the first few sentences of the Bible, "And God saw that the light was good; and God separated the light from the darkness." Genesis 1:4

Each side or end of any duality has a judgement attached to it - shortly after having conceptualised some whole truth into two mutually exclusive parts (a duality, an act of creation) we then chose one of them to be preferable to the other; we identified with one end of the duality as being desirable, true or right and the other end as undesirable or false. This in turn leads to a string of experiences consistent with each end of the duality, one of which we welcome and the other we grudgingly endure.

When the experiences become sufficiently intense as to overcome our desire (as opposed to our capacity) to love them, we enter into emotional resistance and entrapment in the experiences associated with that duality.

The reversal of these experiences requires overcoming that emotional resistance (loving the experiences unconditionally) and encompassing the two separated ends of the duality, back into one unified whole. The practical application of these two simple ideas is a major focus of Body Electronics.

12 Points On

Encompassment of Duality


© Graham Bennett

B.Sc., N.D., B.E.I.N.Z., N.Z.C.H.P.

It is difficult to convey the principles surrounding the encompassment of duality in intellectual terms. Yet a thorough understanding of the principles and concept is of vital importance. True understanding of this can only arise through prayerful and diligent practice leading to productive experience and true knowledge. Disciplined application of Law is prerequisite to the eventual understanding of Law.[1]

1Permanent healing of the soul[2] takes place only after consciousness change, which will be accompanied by physical healing in most cases.[3] Consciousness change is the result of encompassing duality, which can only be achieved through sufficient access to the Mental and Emotional Bodies.[4] Full access to the Mental Body can only be achieved through lovingly and willingly enduring all things with non-resistance and Emotional Body mastery (see point 5). Full access to the Emotional Body can only be achieved by lovingly and willingly disciplining the Physical Body.[5]

2The Mental Body exists, in part, outside of time and space wherein a free choice (yang) may be made to create.[6] This creation which came from the inner essence may be held in a state of manifestation (yin) in the physical universe as long as desired by simply placing conscious attention upon it or desiring to maintain a state of separation.[7] A manifestation has within it the potential for myriad forms of duality depending on how the dividing line of separation is desired to be drawn. At the moment of choice to recognise duality, separation has occurred, yet there is no resistance. The act of identification with one end of this duality (to the exclusion of the other end) is resistance.[8] There is a basic duality of "truth-resisted truth" (see point 11). This duality becomes a foundation for subsequent dualities. As each duality arises and one end is resisted, a sequential chain or series of resistances to the various dualities is formed. Eventually, an interconnecting network of resistance forms as each successive choice to identify with one end of a duality dictates the range of choices subsequently available. This is a process of restriction, not expansion, as this network of resistance and duality collectively constitutes the summation of all mental resistance of the individual.

The summation of mental and emotional resistance of all mankind is known as the Etheric Web, the collective unconsciousness of mankind, through which we are tied-in to the astral realm.[9] The Etheric Web cannot be permanently manipulated by the application of external energies alone. This can only occur through encompassing duality at the Mental Body level.[10] The Mental Body consciousness and collective resistance (ie. the Etheric Web) determine the "morphogenetic field"[11] of the individual which, in turn, determines the structure of their physical body and universe. The morphogenetic field can only be temporarily reorganised by external manipulation.[12] For progression of the soul, each duality, in sequence, must be encompassed impartially with non-resistance, in reverse order as to how it was identified with (in accordance with the Law of Healing Crisis). In each case, the resistance to create (yang, cause) and the resistance to receive the creation (yin, effect) must be held simultaneously on the mental level until the two can be impartially encompassed.[13]

Step by step, the unique sequence of resistances (and resistances to resistances) that constitute the Mental Body of the individual is unlocked[14] (see point 7). The Perfect Divine Plan of the individual is progressively allowed to express itself, becoming gradiently free from each particular mental resistance (as it is transmuted) that was previously binding it as part of a series of stimulus-response mechanisms.[15] As each duality is encompassed and one sees beyond the restriction of identification to one end of that duality, the Vibration of Regeneration is experienced in the physical body wherein the related yin outer manifestation (physical matter) goes into dissolution.[16] Mental Body resistance lies fully within the physical universe. Thus, as mental resistance is released by encompassing duality, there is an "uncreation" of matter through the Vibration of Regeneration.

3When both ends of a duality are encompassed with non-resistance at the level of the Mental Body, all related environmental crystals and crystals in the physical body instantly begin to go into dissolution. The universe of the individual moves into a state of change until a new balance is reached, as determined by the remaining net content of resistance within the Mental Body of the individual (ie identifications with one end of various related dualities). An individual's Karma is the end result of involutionary experience which arose through resistance and resistance to the resistance (see point 7), leaving the individual bound to patterns of stimulus-response reaction. Transmutation of mental resistance (see point 4) is the activity that erases all Karma, past, present and future which is, or would be, contingent upon the transmuted resistance (due to the hologrammic nature of the Mental Body). Thus, not every karmic debt need be repaid individually, because access to, and transmutation of, one aspect of mental resistance will erase multiple karmic considerations.[17] This is the Path of Self-Realisation and freedom of the soul through application of the Laws of Love, Light and Perfection.[18]

4Light is the Law that governs all things. All matter is brought into being through observation and resistance to Light through the process known as the "Particleisation of Light".[19] The Violet Consuming Flame, the Law of Light[20], (as brought forth by the Ascended Master Saint Germain) is the transmuting force on the Mental Body level, annihilating all cause, effect, record and memory of all human creation and discord (Karma) built on each resisted duality.[21] Thus, consciousness change occurs as duality is encompassed. This leads to change in the morphogenetic field, instant healing of the physical body, and the freeing of the soul from the exacting rigours of the Law of Karma.[22] This will be reflected by structural change in the fibres of the iris of the eye.

5Transmutation of the Emotional Body is a necessary prerequisite to gaining access to the Mental Body[23] (see point 1). Unconditional Love (enthusiasm, the Law of Love, as brought forward by the Ascended Master Jesus Christ to encompass the Law of Justification[24]) is the transmuting force acting on the Emotional Body level that gradually erases all emotional resistance in the area of life under consideration. All lower emotions (pain, anger, fear, grief, apathy and unconsciousness) must be transmuted (by enthusiastically embracing the emotionality with non-resistance and then encompassing the duality related to each level of emotionality) so that the individual is no longer bound in an emotional stimulus-response mechanism concerning that area of life.[25] The Kundalini Fire is activated at the level of pain and is the final transmutational power acting on the Emotional Body.[26] This will be reflected by colour change in the iris of the eye.

6As access to (and transmutation of) the Emotional Body is prerequisite to gaining access to the Mental Body, the student must learn to transmute all emotional resistance within the umbrella of Unconditional Love (enthusiasm) and Unconditional Forgiveness. Each level of emotionality must be sequentially observed, received (re-experienced), recreated (intensified) sufficiently, and then released on the mental level until all aspects of emotional resistance at that level of emotionality can be endured with total non-resistance (see point 12). Only at this point of non-resistance or impartiality will the next higher level of emotionality present itself to be re-experienced, in reverse order as to how the related trauma under consideration was originally suppressed.

7During a session of Body Electronics (point holding) the point-holdee should be encouraged to fully mentally re-experience and recreate each successive level of emotionality with non-resistance. The goal is to encompass duality, to change the consciousness, but this cannot be done until first, emotional and then mental resistance has been transmuted. Yet before the resistance may be tackled, all resistance to the resistance must first be dealt with (since we work in reverse order as to how resistance arose). The resistance is the outer manifestation that resulted from identification with one end of a duality (ie. attachment to outcomes). "Resistance to the resistance" is our denial of responsibility for that outer manifestation and the desire for it to be other than it is.[27] This is reflected by the 7 major levels of emotionality (which we experience due to our resistance), each with 7 sub-levels (which arise through resistance to the resistance) - the 7x7 concept.[28]

The emotional level of pain is the capstone to memory. Therefore, at all levels of emotionality below pain, full, specific, hologrammic memory of the related experience or trauma will not be accessible, therefore there is no capacity for specific visualisation.[29] The sub-level of pain is regarded as the "hyperactive level" of any traumatic experience or emotionality. As the individual transmutes resistance at the hyperactive (pain) sub-level of pain, the Kundalini Fire will begin to surge through the Emotional and Physical bodies to the renewing of the flesh[30] (see point 10). The level of pain can be accessed through the sequential release of the lower emotions which are progressively exposed as the crystal of stored suppressed memory dissolves. These crystals begin to go into dissolution due to the application of nutrient saturation in the physical body, the point holding process and the correct transmutation of emotionality on the mental level (see point 5). The level of pain can also be accessed directly, providing the individual is capable of lovingly and willingly enduring the pain, thus transmuting all lower emotions (anger, fear, grief, apathy and unconsciousness).

8While the lower emotions are being observed, received, recreated and released on the mental level, characteristic word patterns and sensory memories relating to the trauma or emotion concerned may come to the conscious mind of the point-holdee. The individual should be encouraged to repeat the word patterns or re-experience the sensory memories, expressing as much appropriate emotion as possible (see point 9), over and over in order to eventually mentally recreate the emotional resistance hologrammically, thereby gaining access to more of the suppressed memory. Through persistent repetition, more conscious attention is lovingly placed on the emotionality and trauma. This allows more memory to return and facilitates the gradual unfolding of emotionality. This eventually allows access to the mental resistance as the emotional resistance is transmuted within the ever-present umbrella of Unconditional Love and Unconditional Forgiveness.

9Any given level of emotionality may only be considered to be fully transmuted by non-resistance when the individual is totally willing to continue recreating this level of emotionality with impartiality forever. Thus, willingness to experience an emotion demonstrates non-resistance to that emotionality or related experience. Willingness to experience an emotion is the key and is not the same as venting the emotion on the physical level. One must learn to experience the emotion on the mental level while maintaining discipline of the Emotional and Physical Bodies.

10Duality cannot be fully encompassed while emotional or mental resistance to the related experience remains. The individual must be perfectly willing to re-experience the event, whatever. At this time the individual can be said to be in a state of non-resistance, thus the open door to the Mental Body, allowing access to view the Mental Body dualities. For every duality encompassed on the mental level, the Kundalini Fire shall cleanse the Emotional Body of all emotional resistance contingent upon that duality. As the Kundalini Fire purifies the Emotional Body, the morphogenetic field of the individual will therefore change, leading to structural change in the physical body when the Vibration of Regeneration is experienced.[31]

The Vibration of Regeneration will be experienced whenever duality is successfully encompassed on the mental or emotional levels.[32] Each duality so released will free all other individuals tied-in at a DNA level of the same resistance in the related area of consideration through "morphogenetic resonance",[33] leaving them free to recognise the duality without having to re-experience the emotionality (resistance) or mental resistance. In this way, the Kundalini Fire through the Emotional and Physical Bodies may be activated from the Mental Body level by the Violet Flame (top-down) as well as from the Emotional Body level (bottom-up). Change of consciousness at the Mental Body level therefore transmutes the Emotional Body also in all related areas of experience.[34]

11When the Mental Body has been sufficiently accessed and the sequential layers of progressively more subtle dualities are encompassed with non-resistance, the persistent and observant individual will eventually come to the recognition of a basic duality, such as "truth-resisted truth" (see point 2).[35] This duality exists wherein what is considered to be the truth is actually a truth which has previously been resisted, suppressed,[36] and then reactively perpetuated.[37] This compulsive acting out of resisted truth (compulsive virtue) always appears to be fully justifiable to the individual so there is little desire to change. One is thus enslaved to the truth/virtue by a very subtle resistance of which the individual was previously unaware.

When this duality is eventually recognised and both aspects successfully encompassed, the individual will pass through what is known as the "Time-Space-Continuum-Warp".[38] At this time the resistance of the individual's body goes from a normal value of several thousand ohms down to zero ohms resistance and reappears at infinite ohms resistance, eventually dropping down to a normal resistance value, leaving the individual at a new, higher level of existence, now totally free of that part of human creation which was contingent upon that duality. That virtue may now be exercised through choice, as appropriate, rather than reactive compulsion.

At this time also, the individual severs his connection with the Etheric Web (pertaining to that area of consideration/recognition/Self-Realisation) which is the collective unconsciousness (mental and emotional resistance) of mankind. This frees not only himself in regard to this duality but also all others tied-in through that duality to the Etheric Web[39] through the effect of the mental body counterpart of morphogenetic resonance (Etheric Resonance),[40] thus the Path of Sanctification,[41] wherein one has transmuted the resistance of his brothers.[42] That particular aspect of duality is now gradually erased from the physical universe as the recognition of that duality spreads throughout all intelligence. The resistance to that recognition has been resolved by one and therefore for all. Mankind now may simply accept through free choice and choices become available to the individual which were previously not visible.[43]

12"Until man can experience on the mental level that which exists on the physical level, he will be bound to the physical."[44] The progression of the human soul depends on this, thus the imperative requirement for the gradual transmutation of resistance and the encompassment of all duality.

All references cited below are from the "Logic In Sequence" series by Dr John Whitman Ray

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Note: In some cases, environmental factors or electromagnetic entrainment, for example, will temporarily limit the degree of physical healing. Also, genetically inherited conditions (ie. on the Constitutional Man level) such as miasms may be slow to heal as they are inherited "shadows" of the consciousness of ancestors. (see pp 137,138 in Book 2)

[4] The Mental Body fully encompasses the Emotional Body which, in turn, fully encompasses the Physical Body.

[5] Physical discipline includes dietary changes, nutritional saturation and holding the body still, despite reactive urges to move, as suppressed emotionality is released from the dissolving crystals.

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